How to Do Head Isolations Animation Popping Tutorial

Popping Dance Head Isolations Lesson

Hey what’s up Youtube? This is El Tiro. And today, you’re going to learn how to do head isolations. That’s coming right up. Thanks for tuning in. Today’s popping dance tutorial Thursday where you learn a new dance concept to add to your freestyle choreography and we are going to be learning awesome head isolations, which is a popping or animation robotic type of movement. Now I did make a popping dance tutorial on this before. But it was like one of my first tutorials ever years ago and it’s super bad. So I had to redo it, spice it up. Even if you know how to do this part of the popping head isolation, you got to keep watching because I’m going to give you different variations on how to do it. All right, let’s loosen up those necks. We’re about to get started. So on level of difficulty, this is advanced. This is really hard because you’re using muscles and controlling parts of your body that you would not normally use in everyday motion. Ok? So the first one is your neck. Here’s what you want to do. See my face and I’m holding it like this? I do not want it to move sideways or turn, need to be still facing forward. Once you have that intense focus, you’re going to try to move your neck only to the right. Only using your neck. I’m trying to lean it as much as I can. I can have my hands kind of like guide it. And I’m only moving my neck keeping still just like that. Try to go to each side of my knuckles here. Indian dancers are going to be great at this. Now if you’ve never ever done this before, then maybe your neck is going to be like…going to be this little bit. And that’s ok because the more you do this move; you’re kind of like stretching this muscle. And now I can really move my neck out like super far and it kind of looks like a creepy Frankenstein. And it’s actually a good thing coz that means my head isolations could be nice and big when I do that. Another FYI is this. It may not be the move you get the first try. You might have to practice this. So first up is if you can control moving your neck, and you think you got that down without moving the rest of your body, you’re ready for the next step. If you’re not there yet, then you might need to pause this tutorial and really focus and get that down. Here’s the next step. I’m going to only move my neck to the next side, and I’m going to keep it there. If you just did that with me, you’re 50% there. But here’s where it gets difficult. I’m going to take my right hand, and I’m going to kind of grab my chest… not right here… my chest. And I’m going to push or pretend like I’m pushing my body down which is going to lean. As I lean, my neck is going to go to my right side. So there’s two things happening. I’ll break em down. One is this… whoop lean. The second is this. My neck’s on the left side, I’ll bring it to the right. So really I’m doing that, both at the same time. One more time because I know that this is really really difficult. I’m going to put my hand now on my temple. And I’m going to push that to the left and I’m going to keep it there. Then, I will put my right hand on my chest and I’m going to move that down. I’m going to lean while my neck and face go to the opposite side, like this. It’s all in the neck. If you can get that down, you can get this little motion down like this, then I’m going to go one, two. We’re going to keep moving ourselves down. If you’re getting this down, and you already know how to do this. Here’s a couple variations. You kind of use a little robotic like twinkle fingers, you can go. You can also even incorporate some Beyonce put a ring on it, some twisting action. You can even incorporate a jaw isolation when you move. I mean there’s tons of different variations you can do. It’s all up to you to make it your own. So that’s your popping dance tutorial Thursday for today on learning how to do a lateral head isolations. If you have questions, I know you’ll have questions because this is really tough, you got to comment below. And I’ll respond, I will help you out. Now if you want to take it to the next level, record yourself. Hit me up on Instagram and send me you practice footage or Snapchat. You can find me both @brambilabong. Thanks again for watching. This is El Tiro. I post a new popping dance tutorial every single Thursday. And if you want to watch another one or last week’s, click right down below. Otherwise, I have 60-minute downloadable tutorials on my website You can check those out if you’re super serious about being an awesome dancer. This is El Tiro. Peace!