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Adrian Brambila aka "El Tiro"


My name is Adrian Brambila. On stage I go by El Tiro. I've never had any lessons on dancing. I'm a self-taught dancer. And the style of dance I do is called popping.

My goal with dance is to help inspire people of all ages to truly have confidence in themselves to do anything they want to do. 

I feel like there's so many people in today's world that are caught up in-- whether it's money or materialism, trying to look good, or are unhappy stuck at their nine to five job.

Dance is a pure outlet to channel the positive and negative experiences we face in life. It's an outlet that you can have as long as your alive. 

As a dancer, you know we live life differently, I feel. It's almost as living through an artist. Things have really special meanings to a dancer that it may not have for other people. Like my shoes, the jacket I wear. Depending on what stage I'm at, I remember every single article of clothing that I performed with. It kind of holds a memory with me. I remember the very first audition I had to go on a world tour. And I made the audition. And that jacket has traveled with me everywhere. And same with those shoes. Even though they're busted up and broken, I still have them. And I'm always going to keep them, because those are the shoes I danced in, and I made it.

adrian brambila

What's super cool about the dance style I do is that inspiration comes from everything you do. Even the same day-to-day tasks that you do. Like for example, opening up a fridge. The way you grab your arm and pull out. I mean I can easily take that, and I can turn that into a popping robot move. Or the way when you put your change in a soda machine, and the way the claw kind of unlocks itself, and the soda falls. All those different things. As a dancer, you're always looking for that type of inspiration to add to your dance. And the style I do, popping, is just beautiful for that. So that's why a day of living as a dancer is always interesting. Because there may be just regular tasks I do all the time and then all of a sudden a light bulb hits. And it's like whoa, what if I made that into a move, and then I put it into my style. And then after practice, then you have a signature style and move that you created from a regular task, like getting a cup of coffee or something.

One of the coolest things about dance, giving the gift of dance, is that it doesn't run out.

You can give a kid clothes, food, and they'll be used in their full extent. But they're going to run out. But dance-- dance is forever. You teach the gift of dance, and that person, that kid, now has an outlet to channel their hardships in, their positives in. Collaborate and exercises both the mind and body, and is the most amazing thing that I get to see when I'm teaching someone who's never danced before. And they just light up. They're smiling and laughing. And the more kids that I get to help inspire and teach, the more happy I can be with my life.

Music isn't something that we just hear or listen to. It's something that we feel. So when I am dancing to a song, and there's a song and there's a part of it that I just really love, sometimes words can't express how that makes me feel. But through my dance, I can show you. I can show you how I feel.

I always feel really stoked after I'm done dancing, because I feel like I am using all the tools that I have. My body, my arms, my legs, my mind. Dance is something that exercises your body and your heart and your creativity and your brain. So it's kind of like an all-in-one. A Zen kind of activity, if you will. We only have one life to really do all the things that make us happy. Our purpose, finding out what that is. And there's so many negative and peer pressures around the world that are constantly telling us this is what you should do, this is how you should live. And sometimes we forget to just look at ourselves and remember who we are.

Because there is no one else that's like me. There's no one else that's like you.

Especially as a dancer, it's all about being unique, individual. In the hip hop genre of dance, you've got to be true to yourself. You have to have an original style. You have to have an original life too. You've just got to find the things that make you happy. Do them exponentially, as many times as you can. And express yourself through the process. And that's living, that's life.

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Adrian Brambila aka "El Tiro" is a dancer originally from Fallbrook, California.  Adrian has toured for the artist T-Pain and performed in line ups with Bruno Mars, Ludacris, B.O.B, and even done private shows for artists like Akon.  With his old dance crew called "The Body Poets" out of San Diego he came out on Season's 7 America's Got Talent making it the Las Vegas Round.  

When Adrian is not dancing he is a co-owner of Unimarketa, a digital marketing firm and own multiple online retail stores. He has launched several successful courses on teaching entrepreneurs how to scale through paid ads and launch an online business through

Adrian has traveled  and inspired countless of people across the globe through his YouTube tutorials and Dance Saves Lives workshops which consist of motivational speaking about living positive, building self-confidence, and of course teaching dance.

Adrian is a YouTube sensation and is very active in the dance world with well over 10 million views on his account as well as over 109,000 subscribers. Adrian posts videos every week on his accounts 

Adrian has since expanded from dance into online business to learn more visit

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