60 Minute Beginner Popping Tutorial

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How to Dance Popping for Beginners

Learn Popping for Beginner Dancers Overview

I put my blood sweat and tears into creating this hour long popping tutorial on how to dance popping for beginners because of the overwhelming amount of request and demand I had from my subscribers on my YouTube channel Brambilabong. The 60 minute how to dance popping tutorial for beginners is the most elaborate, detailed, and educational dance tutorial I have ever created to breakdown everything you need to learn on how to dance popping.  I’ve taken some time to describe some parts of the popping dance video below, if you have any other questions about whether the learn popping tutorial is best suited for you then just fill out my contact form or watch the testimonials of dancers who have already purchased the tutorial to see what they had to think.

How to Dance Popping with Hits

Hits are the one of the most essential pieces to learning how to dance popping.  The best way I can describe what hits are in the dance style of Popping is that electrical shock effect that makes a dancers whole body seem to pop out of their skin.  To get a visual understanding of what hits are in case you haven’t seen them check out my learn how to pop sample tutorial.  Poppers (dancers who dance the style of popping) will most commonly agree that if you aren’t hitting or doing dimestops when you dance then you cannot call your style popping.  I watch a lot of dancers popping to dubstep and I can clearly say most of them are lacking the essential parts of popping which include the hit.

This tutorial will break down how to hit every single part of your body from popping with your chest, hitting with your arms, biceps, snapping your wrists, legs, shoulders, even your neck!

Learn How to Dance Popping Dime Stops

Dimestops are defined as the most purest definition on how to dance popping.  Learning how to do dimestops in essence is the most valuable concept you can learn in the style of popping starting out.  To dimestop is to freeze or move in stills or stop motion pictures.  Learning how to dimestop helps in developing patience when starting out and is essential in robotics and learning how to robot.  In learning how to dance popping this tutorial will cover the concept of doing dimestops and how to integrate them in your freestyle.

Learn How to Arm Wave – How to Body Wave – Dance Waving

The next foundation of learning how to dance popping tutorial goes over is learning how dance waving.  Waving is seen as the liquid style of movement in dancing popping.  Waving is the ability to create the illusion that a wave travels through your body almost making your joints and bones seem fluid and without structure.  This popping tutorial for beginners will go over how to dance waving in arm waves, how to body wave, and even go through details using your wrists, finger tips, and chest.

learn to dance for beginners

Learn How to Tut – How to do Tutting

Tutting is an interesting foundation in the dance style of popping that is defined by creating intricate shapes and angles primarily using your arm and wrists.  Tuts or tutting were inspired from Egyptian Hieroglyphics with the concept of developing sharp angles 90 degree angles. In the learn how to dance popping for beginner tutorial we cover how to do hand tuts, how to do wrist tuts, and how to use your arms for tutting.

Learn How to Dance Popping Using Isolations

Isolations in dancing the style of popping is a huge concept that can really distinguish your dance and help create an overall cleanliness in your style whether you are waving, hitting or doing any movement.  Isolation is a great tool to create visual concentration points for an audience to view.  In this beginner popping tutorial we will breakdown isolations as well as give you a couple templates to apply to your style and practice

How to Dance Popping for Beginners

Other concepts include learning the proper way to warm up, how to practice, and most importantly how to develop your dance beyond the scope of this tutorial.  This beginner popping tutorial will even go over smaller details in learning how to dance like what types of clothing to wear, stretches, and more!

Overall these are just a few of the concepts covered in the beginner popping tutorial.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.