How to Dance the Robot Vibration Tutorial - Mechanical Movements

Learn how to dance the Robot Vibration

Hey what’s going on Youtube? This is robot dance tutorial Thursday. I’m El Tiro. And you’re about to learn an awesome robot dance lesson like we do every single Thursday. Looks like this… Today’s concept’s going to be on mechanical robots and I’m going to call this like that start engine cute robot.  This move is going to work super awesome with crescendo, and trap music in dubstep. As it goes… You really want to hit every single beats with this move. So what we’re doing here is I’m going to lean forward and have a straight back. I’m not going to hunch over like this. And I’m going to be using uhm... flexing my abs. Using my back muscles, my lower back muscles, kind of move, I’m really just moving left right left right left right. When you get to the top of my head this is where I go as fast as I can. And my arms are also going to be kind of moving, puppeting like this. And so really slow, I’ m going hit, hit and hit. So you kind start slower… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. In this last dance, you go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (faster), like that. It may look easy but you really got to flex and tense your muscles in order to get that cool poppish electrifying effect. You really got to practice this slow before you do it fast. Or else it’s just going to look like this. Not the same thing. You want to have… that whole movement that kind of earth quaking all the way up. So you think you got this down, I dare you to snapshot a video of you doing this move and send to me as soon as you’re done watching this video. You can find me @brambilabong. Otherwise, if you have questions, comments or request for next robot dance tutorial Thursday, make sure comment into Youtube section below, and subscribe if you aren’t. I’m El Tiro. Thank you for watching and we’ll catch you next robot dance tutorial Thursday. Peace! Hey I just want to say, thanks for watching my dance video. If you want to watch another one, click right down below. Or if you are interested and serious about learning how to dance popping robot dubstep, click over to the right. I have some 60-minute downloadable tutorials on my website Alright, thanks for watching, make sure you subscribe. And we’ll see yah! Peace!