How To Spin On Your Toe Dance Tutorial

How To Spin On Your Toe Dance Tutorial

In this dance tutorial video, you can learn how to spin on your toe. This is El Tiro and you’re tuned in to dance tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn an epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. We’re learning how to spin on your toe because it’s cool, it’s dope and everybody is doing it.  

Learning how to spin on your toe is super duper easy. There’s a ghetto way to do it if you don’t know what spotting or trying to like flex your core and turn. And then, there’s a proper way to do it. I’m going to teach you the ghetto way. And I’ll give you a couple tips, if you want to try the proper way. But first, I want to make you aware and chime in as a coach that this is a dance trick and although it can impress a crowd or a friend, the best way to grow as a dancer is to develop your own style. Depending on how serious you are about wanting to be a better dancer I have 60 Minute Premium Tutorials on Popping and Dubstep. Here is a sneak peak of what you'll learn if you check them out.


Get Good Dance Shoes for Hip Hop Toe Spin

First thing I’m going to recommend that you do is to get some nice shoe that have a nice solid toe. If you put your toe like this and your shoes are like bending or really flexible, it’s going to be super painful. So make sure you got a nice pair of snickers on, preferably that are flat. I like dancing in Vans.  They’re great for kind of being on your toe and you barely feel it the pressure of spinning on your toe.

So here’s the simple way to spin on your toe. I’m going to put your right hand up like this, your left hand down like this. You’re going to be on your toe. And I’m just going to try to pivot and maybe do like jump at the time on my toe to really push up and turn like that.   And then, if I’m starting to feel like this is pretty easy, I’m going to jump and try to do a whole 180.   Now, when you jump, you’re taking away all your body weight off the toe and using the momentum of the spin to carry you. The longer you spend on your toe, then the more its going to hurt and you’re going to feel it. The trick is to make it look like the flow and you hover over that. It really is about your jump and then lifting your body up as you turn.   So once you got that down, you’re doing pretty good. You’re toe might be feeling it just a little bit. Then you can try for a full spin. So your arms, use them to balance, and kind of carry you, if you’re going for your first time trying to spin around.   Now I would say, try to spin slow instead of trying to whip it because then you’ll go crazy with it.   So if I’m going to go slow, I’m right here, hands up. I’m going to start low and I’m going to jump up and that’s where I’m going to turn on my toe and I’m going to use my upper body to carry me all the way. I’ll try to do a 360. Ready? Let’s try. 1 2 3… cool! Let’s try it again.   So now I’m using my left, right leg. It’s kind of also for balance and keeping it back. And again, I’m not going too fast. I’m not whipping it. I’m really just trying to get my center body on gravity to make it look smooth.   Okay, so let’s say you’re not too ghetto and you want to learn how to spot while you turn. With that involve is when your body turns, you’re holding your neck to the last moment and then you’re whipping your neck around to spot a place that you’re looking at like that. So that’s spotting. I don’t know which way you’re turning but you’re going in that direction where you turn.   So if you’re doing your toe spin, you’ll really be moving your whole body keeping your neck here until the last point that you can and then you swing over to the camera like that. So that one would be… like that.   Now you have both ways. Now it’s about building up some nice toe strength and then going for it. Again, if you’re going to whip it, make sure you got some space and you’re not like whoa!! Ok?   So, make sure you go slow. Concentrate. And then, after you got a nice 360 now, it’s about incorporating it in your dance, doing a nice wave to your body coming up, continuing the way, I mean, there’s lots of possibilities. It’s all up to what you do with your brain.   Whoa! Hold on, hold on. Don’t leave. I want to talk to you about balance. Now not balancing on your toe like we just did, and not balancing athletically, I’m talking about balance in your life.   You may not notice but I do motivational speaking through the dance workshops that I teach and one of the biggest things that I like to talk about is having a balanced lifestyle.   Now, what does that mean? Well let me put it this way. I know you will agree with me. We all want a 10 out of 10, 10 out of 10 relationship, 10 out of 10 money, 10 out of 10 when it comes to your body. I mean who wants a 4 out of 10 for their body.   But here’s the problem though, if you look at every single bucket of your life, we’re talking health, spiritually, relationships, financial, everything, you’re going to notice that maybe you spent more time in things that are less important. Or maybe when you spent more time in this bucket, you’re having another bucket go down.   I know for me personally, I can admit that I worked probably way too much. I’m always glued to a computer screen. And every time, every second, every minute that I spent on the screen is less time that I spent time face to face with my friends and my family.   Now, that’s one area that I’m working on this year to really improve. And I challenge you to take an honest look at the balance buckets that you have in your life because if you do, you’ll start to create an awareness and maybe even control and change your life for the better just by trying to balance things out.   So that concept is brought to you by Positive Skin. It’s a really really cool company. You have to check them out. That’s what this shirt is all about, finding your balance. In this whole company, every single shirt, piece of clothing that they put out is really meant to dive to the deeper meaning of life. I mean, gone are the days in a way where you wear a shirt that has a rap lyrics or a dollar sign. I mean, this clothing can actually impact and inspire.   For me, every time I wear this shirt, it’s a reminder to have a balanced lifestyle. Cool!   Hope you enjoy this little rant. Make sure you subscribe. I have a freestyle that’s coming out tomorrow where I do some pretty cool toe spins. So you got to check it out.   And thank you guys! Balance your lifestyle. This is El Tiro. Peace!   Thanks for watching. If you want to learn how to dance like this, then you hop on over to my website,, a ton of free sources there and some premium stuff if you are really super serious. Also, do not forget, their clothing is dope and has a powerful message too. Thanks for watching. Peace!