Dubstep Dance Tutorial Advance Waving: Tracing Body Wave

Advance Waving Dance Tutorial

Hey what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. Today’s waving dance Tutorial Thursday is going to be on a concept called Catching Waves. So this can be really quick, really easy but can be applied in multiple ways in your freestyle to make it really cool and diverse. So this freestyle is under the assumption that you know how to arm wave. And today, we’re going to use examples of simple kinds of arm waves and body waves. So the concept is you have this ball, this ball of energy. And right when it flows to your body, it’s going to wave. So for example, if I’m holding my waving ball of energy right here, I’m going to toss it up in the air. And I’m going to actually look it up. It creates that animation effect. It’s up there. I’m going to do a quick grab with my left hand, and pop! Grabbed it and I’ll start to wave on my shoulder down to my fingertips, like so… So I have ball of energy… wave… To make your waves have a cooler effect, what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit after we end that wave. So for example, toss that up, grab, I’m going to wave and I’m going to hit at the end. That little effect will actually do a lot of damage into making your wave look super cool, super dope, super awesome. So for concept, from start to finish, we have ball of energy, toss up, pop, wave and hit. A couple of different directions, you can just really mess around just want to make it fun. Grab, toss, left hand snatches, wave, pop up, maybe it goes to your foot and up, grab, you can wave going down, pop, swallow it, spit it out, whatever you want to do, you know. Using your ball of energy, it’s a really fun concept. In fact, a lot of my popper friends, when we are ciphering and getting down together, we pretend we have this ball and that’s what we kind of pass and kind of dance move on, so I would be like… popping it down and then pop, wave and then I’ll kind of throw it at him. So hopefully, he’ll start you know using that same concept. So there you go, cool tutorial Thursday on catching waves. In fact, here’s my ball for you. There you go, wave with that. So I would love to see you applying this concept in a video response to this video. If you do, I will hook you up with a shout out. Don’t forget, if you really want to know how to dance, you can check out my website, www.brambilabong.com. In fact, there are tutorials that are supposed to be released today, I’m going to postpone them by one whole week to get any of those people coz if you buy now, you get the dubstep edition for free. So check it out, www.brambilabong.com. This is El Tiro. If you have any questions about this tutorial or any of my tutorials or about dance or about life, how to talk to girls, whatever, make sure you hit me up on Twitter @brambilabong. Alright, El Tiro, out! Peace!