Learn How to Dubstep Dance The Magnet Concept

How to Dubstep Dance - Magnet Concept

When you are learning how to dance to dubstep you always are wanting to think of concepts to add to your style.  Take this move for example which was inspired by what magnets do in real life by pulling each other together.  You can take any thing you see and interpret it through dance.  The dance style of popping and dubstep dance is so free with little rules which lets you create cool concepts like this one! Sometimes you just need to vision the world as a big dance floor and imagine everyone knows how to dubstep dance.  After all dancing is an international language!  The magnet concept is an easy dance move but I challenge you to apply it to your style and turn it into a difficult dubstep dance move!

How to Dance to Dubstep - Popping - "Magnet Concept" - Tutorial Thursday

  Yo, what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro, representing Dance Saves Lives, bringing you another tutorial Thursday.   Today’s tutorial is going to be on a really easy concept called Magnetizing. As a magnet will attract metal objects, we’re going to be using that theory and apply it in a different couple of ways and moves.   To start this move, I’m going to have my right arm twinkle down towards straight. And I’m going to isolate that arm, I will bring my upper body and elbow towards that arm I put down, like that. Next, I’m going to have my left arm twinkle so that it’s straight and I’ll do the same exact thing, I will bring my right elbow towards my left arm like so. So I’m back in the center again.   I’m going to do this one more level down, so I’m going to go, right, twinkle, stop, bringing it in to the left. And I’m going to do left twinkle stop, bringing it in to the right.   In effect, you have… music…   So little details in this that will make it cool, when you’re moving your arm down or the magnet down, and you twinkle, right when you get to that end prime or your arm max out, you want to quickly move your body to bring your elbow down to your wrist. So I’m going to go slow, fast… slow, fast… slow, fast…   This concept can also be applied in tutting. For example, I’m going to go left arm down, right arm push across. As I get to my arm, I’m going to put my wrist in. Now, while my right arm is going to slide up, I’m going to magnetize it up to the top. So I went here, wrist down, arm shoot, bring it in, twinkle up.   Here’s another move you can use it with to. I’m going to put my arms straight out, right arm on top. I’m going to go right twinkle. And I’m going to bring my left arm in. And I’m going to go one more time, in. And I’ll try one last time to twist over, here.   So there you go. The concept again is called magnetizing. And there’s thousands of ways you can put it into your dance, freestyle and choreography. I love to see you do this move, so post a video response.   If you thought, the video was way too easy then tell me, put it on the comment below and I promise I will challenge you next week.   Remember to check out my organization, Dance Saves Lives, where you can rock this shirt, and these sweatpants. It is www.dancesaveslives.org. You can follow me on Twitter @brambilabong. And we’ll see you next Thursday. Also if you are looking for dope music to dance popping to check out my new site www.poppingdancemusic.com.   El Tiro, out, peace!