The Best Popping Tutorial Hand Isolations Dance to Dubstep Tips

Best Popping Hand Isolations Tutorial

Yo, what up? El Tiro here, Dance Saves Lives, going to teach a quick tutorial today on how to do some hand isolations. What you’re going to be doing is adding that cheesy “I’m-in-a-box” mime stuff, and adding cool concepts to your dance and freestyle. So the first concept that we’re going to teach is moving around in circle while keeping your hands at the same spot. So if you’re going to a low position, we’re going to put our right hand and left hand. Now, doing isolations like this is all about the details. So even when I put my hand here, as if you’re going to put up a wall, when you put your hand on something, you’re hand is going to naturally expand right when it gets to that flat wall. So you want to add that even small detail to it.   So I put my right hand right where my imaginary wall is. My hand’s going to expand. And then I will put my left hand and make sure it expands right at the same spot.   So right here, I’m would be moving in a circle with my upper body and I’ll be trying to keep my hands still on the same spot. Now of course, it’s going to move just a little bit, no one’s perfect, but the concept and you can see it right in the camera, is that isolation movement like it’s frozen, right?   Now there are some amazing dancers that you can find on YouTube that can do this quite amazing. I’ll leave some info of some people that I think do the best isolations in the info box below.   Let me show you how you’re not supposed to do it. And maybe that might help you to learn how to do it. When I go like this, see how my hands are moving with me? Obviously, not a cool move. If you’re having difficulty with this concept right here, what you can do is go to a real wall, put your hands on it and then practice moving around. It’s going to help with your muscle memory and body control.   The next concept that I will teach you about isolation is like switching the angle of the tut. What I do is I will use my left arm, put my left wrist up and so this will be my tut angle. I’m going to try and freeze this palm right here. So what I’m going to do is use the rest of my body to try to swing underneath as I try to keep that right still. Now of course, it’s going to move again, no one’s perfect, but I’m going my best effort to try to keep it here.   So that switch that we just did is like a lateral level. Now we’re going to try doing a vertical level. So this is going to be the most challenging one we’re going to do today in this tutorial.   I’m going to use my left arm again. And this time, I’m going to try to go in a whole rotation, trying to keep this palm still facing the floor like that. So I’ll use my whole upper body, trying to keep this still, moving around. Now, this is my halfway point, I just switched it to the other vertical side. Now, I try to rotate it up over time again.   For this one, the best way to practice is actually putting your hand on the edge of the table. You’ll be over the table like so, table will be right underneath. You’re going to try moving your arm around, as your palm will stay right there. Once you think you got that down, got your muscle memory intact, you’ll try without it. So I’ll be right here, moving over, under and over again.   So those are some quick three types of isolations you can add to your freestyle today. If you got questions, put them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to hit my organization, where you can get this shirt, this snap back hat or check out my site Popping Dance Music where you can get royalty free dope popping songs!   El Tiro, out!