What is Dubstep Dance?

Learn What Dubstep Dance Is

Hello, and welcome to the-- Learn how to dance to dubstep tutorial. My name is El Tiro, and I'm going to be your teacher for this tutorial. And we're going to be breakin' down everything you need to know about learning how to dance to dubstep. Before we get started, I want to ask you a question, and then answer it myself. Here's the question. What is dubstep dance? I'm so glad you guys asked.

Dubstep dance is actually popping.

Dubstep dance, in essence, is an incorrect way of saying popping. If we break it down, technically speaking, we are popping and doing animation to dubstep music, or dancing to dubstep in the style of popping and animation.

Everything you see-- and what we see on YouTube often-- that is labeled as "dubstep dance", is really popping moves.

Except, dubstep has been this phenomenal type of music that has kind of-- really I think made the dance-style, popping, more aware to the youth. And I don't how it happened, but somehow it got mislabeled into being called dubstep dance, as if it's a new style.

But I'll just leave one more example, if someone's tap dancing, and they dance to a new style of electronic music that comes out and they're tap dancing to it-- you wouldn't to say, "Oh, he's dubstep dancing." No. You would say, "He's tapping to dubstep." So there's a clarification.

Now we know what we're going to be learning today. Let's break down what you often see when people dance to dubstep. In this tutorial we're going to be breakin' down the common themes you see across people that dance dubstep. Dubstep music is often 140 beats per minute. It includes some common sections, such as a build up, a kick and a snare, a drop, a beat down, and other sorts of noises and mechanical and robotic movements. And I love this style of music. In fact, I feel like it's perfect for robotic styles of popping, which I think why it's blended so well together.

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