How to do Hip Hip Dance Moves Advanced Crazy Legs

Hip Hop Dance - Advance Hip Hop Moves

The first time I saw this crazy insane hip hop dance move was on So You Think You Can Dance by Robert Murraine.  I was inspired from that moment to learn it.  Before I teach you how to hip hop dance and do this move which I call broken legs I want to encourage you to learn make it your own instead of straight copying the move.  I don't use the move in my freestyles just because it is rather difficult and hard on the knees!  I believe that this move was popularly made by him so if you are going to do it make sure you add your own style and flavor.  I have seen dancers doing Popping, hip hop dancing, and breaking use this move.  It is one of those illusions that is just crazy to watch.Out of all the how to dance popping tutorials I have here this move I would say will be on the medium scale of difficulty.  I believe it looks more difficult then it actually is.  Once you practice it and understand the concept of the leg swing going underneath your body it kind of just flows together. Yo, what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro representing Dance Saves Lives. And today marks a very special day. This is going to be the first video in a new series I’m going to do. It’s going to be called Tutorial Thursdays. So I thought it would be appropriate for this first introduction for these dance tutorials where I would go back to my first lesson as a dancer. I was self-taught for two years, I just looking up on the internet. And I just kind of learn how to dance. But then I thought I should start taking workshops of other dancers out within the industry. And the first person that I met up with was Robert Murray a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. If you don’t know who he is, I’ll leave a little box of the video and a link to his channel right here. Before we get started, I do want to make it clear that if you showcase the move, I mean there are specific ways that Mr. Fantastic and other famous dancers have definitely trademark it to make it their own, if you’re going to use this move, make sure you do the same thing and be original, add style to it to make it your own as well. So this move is going to be really hard on your knees. Kneepads are definitely recommended. And to make it easier on you guys, I’m going to flip the screen so we’ll be facing the same way. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to take my right foot. I’m going to pop it up right here to the right side in a kind of angle. Now I’m going to try to have a nice space right here where my knee can create a 90-degree angle like so. My left foot is just going to be on the outside here. So using my hands, I’m going to place my right hand behind me and actually put it on the floor. And I’m going to start falling backwards. Now, I want to keep my butt in the air, I really don’t want to have it sit on the ground. More importantly, I’m trying to put this knee and have it touch the floor, like that. Now if you can’t get to here, there’s a couple of things that might help. If your foot is too far extended out, you’re not going to be able to put your knee down unless you’re super flexible. Or if you put your knee or leg too in, you also can’t go down as well. So find that happy medium, put your hand to the back, have your knee fall, and land it on the ground right here. You notice my butt is in the air. This would be me if I was sitting. And so you never want to sit. Right here, I’m going to push using my arm, and legs are going to slide right beneath this gap that I have underneath. As I slide, I’m going to start to pick up on my left foot here and have it go on to its flat bottom foot over here. And then really what it is is I just kind of switched myself. Now my left foot is exactly the same way as my right when I was in the beginning, have this right angle here, not too much space, not too close. Same thing, I’m going to put arm on the back like so, knees are going to go on the ground first, and then I’m going to try to sweep it in, as I push up on my right foot like that. Once you’re starting to get that down, then you want to take away your handicap and don’t use your arms. So I’m doing the exact same thing here except my arms are not going to be able to support me. Just keep in mind, you want to keep your butt in the air, and always have that good back posture as you do the move. So my knee will land, and I’m going to sweep underneath the gap I created… land, sweep… same thing on the left side, I’ll go land, sweep… Once you can do each side individually, it’s time to connect them. So what’s going to help in the connecting factor, right when I put my right knee down, and I swing underneath, I’ll come up high on the left foot except I’m not going to stay planted. I’m just going to let that continuous motion take me over, pushing continuous move. Alright well, there you have it. If you have any questions, you’re having trouble, just put it in the comments below. And I would love to see if you can do this move, post a video response. Don’t forget, you can check out this sweatpants and this shirt at my company And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @brambilabong. And happy Tutorial Thursday, we’ll see you next week. El Tiro, out!