Hip Hop Dance Move | Advance Trick | Forearm Cartwheel Get Up


How to Cartwheel on your ForeArms

In my new hip hop dance tutorial, you’re going to learn how to do this. Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. And today, you’re going to be learning an advanced super awesome acrobatic hip hop dance move, how to cartwheel on your forearm and elbows! Before I get into this hip hop dance tutorial, we’re going to let you know that this is a very advance move and you could hurt yourself. So make sure your trying to this slow. One thing I would say, if you know how to do a cart wheel then it should be alright to give it a try. This move might also be a little hard on the knees. So just be careful, let’s have fun, let’s be safe. We’re going to learn this epic dance move for you guys. So this dance move combines a cart wheel and an elevator. If you don’t know how to do an elevator, I’ll leave a link right here and then on my info box below to learn how to do that one first. So if you know how to do that, let’s get started. So first thing, I’m going to be on my knees. My knees are going to be wide like so. And I’m just going to be standing up, as opposed to sitting on the back of my heels. So I’m going to be doing a cart wheel, except I’m going to be on my fore arms like this. And so when I go down, and I’ll have a little bit of a prep and then I’m going to move and down and I’m going to torque my upper body to turn all the way to arm like right here. And my elbow and my arm is going to land very nicely on that spot right there. So you can kind of practice. If you don’t know how to do a cart wheel, if you’re not the best of them, you can kind of practice going up and back down. So once you get the momentum, we can back up here a little bit. You’re going to start to try to go left to right arm, and you don’t have to go all the way over. If you want it, just go straight into it, and you feel pretty confident, go ahead. Otherwise, instead of going over top side, I’m going to go around to use my body like this. I’m kind of understanding, it’s supposed to be nice and smooth. You shouldn’t have a big slam on your elbow, slam on your other elbow. So it’s going to take some strength too. Like what I said, this is a very advanced move. So again, I’m going to wrap around, instead of going up high, just kind of ease into it. I’m going to wrap my body around like that. You can also go the other way, in case you want to do the move both sides. So if you’re feeling pretty good about going on with your forearms, the thing that I want to encourage you to do is next going, we started kind of just a round spot, now we’re going up higher and higher so your knees are almost right above your head. Then when you got that, we’re ready to go to the next part. So now what I’m doing, when I go over my body like this and I go with my right arm, I’m going to have my right knee land straight instead of having my left knee bent, my leg’s going to be out, so I’m landing in this position right here. Now with the momentum from landing coming from the top side, it’s going to have enough push. Then right when you land, you’re going to push up really nice and easily there. So I have like this, I go around and my feet land just like that. One more time… here… feet now landing in that placement. You know, I’m stopping my momentum. But if you let your momentum go, it’s going to be having enough push power to nice… push up nice and easy. So that last one right here is putting it all together. I’m going to have a nice straight back, good forms above my arms like this, I’m going to rock down, my arms are going to go down, I’m going to land with my feet out like that, and I’m going to let my momentum carry me to the top. Let’s see how I do on the spot, first try. Ready? So there’s your dance move for Tutorial Thursday. I challenge you to find a really cool, creative ways to integrate it with your freestyle. And when you do, you’ve got to send it to me. Hit me up on Instagram. You can DM me or tag me in a post @brambilabong. Or if you want to keep it between us on SnapChat @brambilabong. I’m really excited to see you guys pull this move off. And some new news, I actually teamed up with some of the world’s largest dance community on YouTube, ItsMrich. And every Tuesday, I’m going to be making some exclusive tutorials just on that channel. So make sure you check them out. I’ll leave link at the end of this video for that as well and on the info box. My question of the day is, if there was two dancers that you would collaborate with to make a YouTube video, who would they be? Comment below… Thank you very much. Make sure you subscribe, if you haven’t already. I’ll see you guys next Thursday for another tutorial. And if you are interested in really focusing on learning how to dance, I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorial on my website, brambilabong.com, definitely recommend you guys to check that out. I’ll leave the links right over here. Alright, thanks for watching. This is El Tiro. Peace!