Back To School Dance Moves Tutorial How To Impress Your Friends

Impress your friends at school with these 3 dance moves

Hey what’s up YouTube! This is El Tiro. Today’s dance tutorial Thursday where I’ll teach you how to dance with new easy beginner dance moves. to learn; and in light of everyone kind of being back to school, I’m gon’ give you three awesome dance moves you can do in school, at school, around school and you’re gonna need three things too, a pencil, a backpack and a piece of paper. Once you got those things, let’s get started!

Back to School Dance Move with Backpack

So my backpack dance move goes like this. There’s lots of times where you need to pick up your backpack. And if you just reach out to pick it up, that’s lame. What we’re gonna do instead is use a popping hand isolation combo to pick up our backpack. It looks like this. So I’m gonna go (whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, shoop). This move is guaranteed to get you all the ladies. Not really! But it goes like this, I’m gonna have my right arm out like this, I’ll be using my back to bend low, my legs are gonna stay stiff and I’m just gonna move my neck forward and my rest of my shoulders and my back stays back, and then I’m gonna bring my shoulders forward. When I do that, then my neck goes back. So it’s really like those two steps, neck only, then all the body comes, and then your neck goes back. Neck only, all the body, neck, all the body until you got your backpack then you can pick it up. Backpack move!

Back To School Dance Moves Using Paper

So you got your piece of paper ready. Here’s what we’re gonna do on this one. I’m gonna stick it out flat like this. I’m gonna start an arm wave with my fingertips which is gonna wave through my paper and go to my other fingertips. It’s gonna go around to my shoulder and move to my neck, all the way to the right. It’s gonna to my shoulder and back to the wave. So you’re kinda doing this cycle. You can also go reverse (whoop) and back and forth. So your paper is like a continuation of the wave. You will for sure impress all your friends at school with this dance move!

Back to School Dance Moves Using a Pencil

If you got your pencil ready, this is probably the coolest back to school dance move out of all of them. So I’m gonna do three different variations, mechanical kind of robotic movement. First one, I’m gonna take the pencil on a part of my forehead, I’m gonna twist and when I do, I’m gonna open my jaw like this. Part one! Second step, I’m gonna put the pencil right under my chin and the same kind of twisting motion, I’m gonna now cycle from right to left, using my twisting. I can do that in intervals too (whoop whoop), back and forth. And the final one, I’m gonna take the pencil and put it on my chest, everytime I twist, my left arm is gonna shoot up like this and they can go backwards too. Or it can go (faster) and kick the pencil of (arm down), falls down. Well there you have it, that’s tutorial Thursday for today. If you’d like to have kind of back to school dance theme or the dance moves, or you want more of stuff you want to do in the classroom or during recess or whatever, comment below ‘cause I got plenty more of where that came from. Otherwise, I’d really appreciate it if you’ll share this video with maybe some friends of yours that would like to dance. Thank you so much for watching. This is El Tiro and get good grades, don’t do drugs and stay in school, peace! Oh and if you want to take your dance to the next level check out my 60 minute premium popping dance tutorials for beginners they are the best how to dance tutorials I have EVER made.