Easy Beginner Popping Dance Tutorial Wrist Rolls Tutting Waving Concept

Popping Street Dance Tutting Waving Wrist Moves

In this popping street dance video, you can learn how to do waving and tutting wrist rolls. That’s coming right up. What’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. And today, I’m going to be redoing an old popping street dance tutorial because this three years old on how to do a wrist roll. Wrist roll is a really cool concept because you can use it on tracing, waving, and tutting. It’s a really neat move and it’s really simple. Let’s go! Alright, check it out. First we got to get the motion of the ocean. We’re going to take our wrist. We’re going to rotate them around. Our hands are going to be blades. And so when you move them like this, and you move them really fast, you start to flip them. Just make sure they stay in a round circular motion as opposed to sideways just like that, so you keep them round. And now, this is really the concept that you’re doing. What makes this move cool is you can incorporate in any part of your body, I mean your leg, I mean your chest, and then your arm even too. So let’s break down your arm to start. Take your left arm, put it across like that. Your right arm, palms are going to be on the shoulder. And I’m going to take about 3 or 4 rolls to get to my wrist just like this. I’m going to go big, 1 2 3 4, palms are going to be up. And make sure my palm is actually sliding on my arm. You don’t want to see a space. You just want to keep it like that. And then when you move them back, the same kind of 3 or 4 steps… 1 2 3 4… on the shoulder like that. So in essence, you want to do this really slow so you got a nice flow going and then you can go fast. You can even go, head… go back… lots of different combinations here. You move them forward, keep going on your body. The wrist rolls are really neat and diverse concept for you. So there’s a little quick tutorial. Add that to your freestyle. Send it to me on Instagram @brambilabong. Otherwise, if you really want to dig down deep into the style of popping, check out my website brambilabong.com. I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorial for you guys. So thank you very much for watching. Make sure you click subscribe if you haven’t. And if you’re super serious about learning how to dance popping, you got to hop on my website brambilabong.com. I have 60-minute downloadable tutorials for you to check out. Do that move. Send it to me on Instagram. This is El Tiro. Peace!