The Best Hip Hop Dance Tricks Tutorial: The Matrix Move

How to do the Matrix Dance Move

What up YouTube? This is Adrian, a.k.a. El Tiro from the Body Poets. So today’s hip hop dance tutorial is going to be on the move I call collapsing or the collapse, some people call this dance move the matrix where you bend with your back and go all the way to the floor. What’s cool about this move is you get from a standing position on to the ground pretty smoothly if you do it right. And you can use it when you see it in all kinds of different styles. So the first thing I want to point out with the matrix dance move is that it’s not about your back flexibility. It’s all about your legs. It’s all about your ability to bend with your legs as close to the ground without having your knees touch. Before you try this in standing position, I strongly encourage you to try with your knees on the ground ‘cause sometimes falling from the standing position all the way to your back on the floor is kind of scared. So let’s take baby steps. So first, put your knees on the ground as wide as you can with your toes pointing outward. Now what we’re going to do with our back here is put a little bit of an arch so that our shoulders will be the first thing to touch the ground when we fall back. A couple of things from your first tip or fall over from that knee position is when you land it shouldn’t be a hard thud. If it’s a hard thud, it simply means you’re going too fast or you’re not putting enough arch to your back. The next thing to watch for is not turning into a pretzel. When you’re falling backwards, make sure your feet are pointing outward, pushing your back into a flat like position. Now once you’ve done this a couple of times and you really fall back pretty smoothly, it’s time for you to do the dangerous stuff and try to move standing. So beginning this, we’re going to have your feet not too wide, not super wide like the splits but a little wider than your shoulders. Also, really important there is that your toes are going to be pointing outwards. Now when you bend down, your knees are going to bend over your ankle. Now there’s going to be a point when you’re going down that you cannot bend down anymore. So that is actually your release point. This is where you have to bend your back, only enough to where your shoulders will be the first thing to land. Same thing as the first step with your knees on the ground, this should be a smooth, kind of graceful fall, this should not be a hard thud because you’re going to hurt yourself if it is and it’s going to look sloppy. Having your knees bent over your ankles allows you to bend as low as the ground, kind of like The Matrix. If you’re having trouble of committing to that fall and landing on your back with your arch, try using one hand and having that hand guide you down into the bottom, always look at your hand while you’re catching yourself to the ground. Hope you enjoyed the collapse tutorial. Make sure you check out my crew, the Body Poets, on our YouTube account, and check out my website which I will leave right below here. Peace, El Tiro, the Body Poets, out!