Body Isolation Dance Tutorial / ADVANCE Hip Hop Moves

Body Isolation Dance Tutorial / ADVANCE Hip Hop Moves

Hey what’s going on YouTube? It’s El Tiro and today’s concept is on hand isolation.

So the best way to prepare mentally for this tutorial and the concept is to imagine that you are one of these. I’m sure you have seen some of these before. And what kind of makes them cool and interesting in really exactly copying the concept of this is that wherever you move a body part of this, so if I was moving the knee, it isolates and it stays in that position.

If I move the arm for example, it stays there. If I move the head… oh I moved the whole body… but each part that you move in each section is an isolation, even the fingers, the hands, everything remains the same as you move. It only moves if you push or point to it, when you isolate it. So this little guy is the whole inspiration behind this tutorial.

So this is really one of those concepts to master, you have to just play around with a lot. And so I’m going to give you a couple of different positions to try.

I want you to start sitting down. Your dominant hand is going to be the puppeteer, the thing that moves. And I want you to start with your head down. The first thing you do is you’re going to take your right hand, you can wave up there and you’re going to move your neck.

As your neck stays, I want you to pop up your shoulder like this. Now it has to stay there. So now I have two things that are, I’m focusing on. And I want you to literally pick up. And you just don’t have to actually pick up. You can kind of pick it up and move your arm like this.

I want you to pick up your elbow and move out. And then, I want you to move your wrist. And one thing I’m going to do right here is I’m going to take left look. I’ll take that and move it down. And then I’m going to add one cool concept here. I’m going to add when I go here I’m going to do a twisting motion with my finger like this. And to do that, my arm is going to twist like that. I’m going to go back.

And then, you can actually do head isolations. If you want, you can do body, neck. And really right here, this is the kind of the first area that I want you to try and play around with.

So I’m trying to keep my head exactly still. My arms, I’m pushing out. I’m moving them in. and really, it’s all up to my imagination. But, nothing is supposed to move except for whatever I’m touching.

So practice sitting down, try a couple of concepts, pause this video before we start moving on to standing up. I’ll give you some more harder ideas to try with.

This is going to require some balance. Check it out!

From right here, I’ll be in full shut down mode. I’m going to use my finger again to pick up my neck. I’m going to push my chest up.

And then, I’m going to move my hips to pull them forward as my legs bend. You can do it two ways. You can bend your knees like this or you can use your butt and pull in. And I will pick up my shoulder. I’ll do a left neck turn and this is where it starts to get tricky because I’m going to pick up my right leg, like that.

Now this has to stay still as I now move other parts of my body and I can do my wrist, switch. If your legs start to get tired, maybe try to push your leg out higher like this, so there’s one that is fully standing and one that is less bent. And I can do a twist right here also to do my ankle that rolls around. I can push this to go in like this.

And if you feel like you’re rocking back and forth and you are shaking, you got to get your quads strengthened up. This is all a quad muscle. If I pick up my left leg and try moving your body and your arms and your neck by keeping it still, you can feel the burn in the opposite leg that you have. But this is, if you can master this, it changes your isolation to a whole new level.

For example, if I pretend that I am sitting, I pick up my right leg like this, and I keep that there, you have all a new canvas to paint with isolations as you move up.

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Thanks for watching. This is El Tiro. Peace!