Dubstep Dance Hip Hop Dance "Leg Shoot" Trick Tutorial

Learn Epic Hip Hop Dance Move

Hey what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. I hope you guys have missed me because I definitely have missed you. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the last hip hop dance move tutorial Thursday. I’ll explain or maybe I’ll show you what or why I haven’t posted. So I just moved to a nice corridor so I’ve just moved to a nice corridor place in Iowa. Here’s a new pad, a new place where we will be shooting hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday. And if you are ever in Iowa, hit me up we can go cow-tipping and pick some corn and whatever. So now back on track I appreciate you guys’ patience and hanging around and staying with me and watching this video. And I promise from this day forth, we will stick on track for Tutorial Thursday. So today’s hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday is going to be on advanced hip hop dance move or trick, a ground move that pops you up right to your feet. And going to the names of what this is called, I did some research into going back to where did it come from, who is the closest to founding it, to inventing it, and so I came across Mr. Wiggles calling it the “Leg Shoot.” Before we get started, because this is a tricky hip hop dance move, you can hurt yourself, so we definitely want to do some stretching. I’ll say the best thing you need to stretch is probably your groins. Once you’re all stretched out, then we are going to work on a concept after you get up from the move. That kind of puts that ultimate detail in like, that magical “whoop” moment. That’s how I can describe what it really is. It creates that “whoop” making it a cool move. And now so, when you’re about coming up from the top, you come to this point right here, and you’re going to be swinging your upper body, planking it all the way to the opposite side of where you’re rotating. And your lower body is going to follow with a rotating knee and then coming back and then hitting that with a nice crisp ending. So imagine we do the move around the bottom, we rock it up here, we got to shoot our back to the side and naturally, we’re going to have our feet hit. And make sure you’re on doing this with my, this is my left foot right here, I’m rolling around and then I’m going to snap that knee back. And you know, when you do the whole popping effect, you want to have that whole body, arms, chest, biceps. So again, right here, pop up, shoot and roll hit. So if you got that down, let’s get to the hard part. So we’re laying down on the ground here. Here’s my two feet. I’ll have my right foot down like that. So it’s I would say, a 90-degree angle, laid out. And then my left foot is going to have, now this is a really important placing to put it not too close and not too far, just right in the middle. Think of that as this, we’re going to kind of push with our right hand up, rolling on that feet and ultimately it’s like I’m in a standing position. So you know you’re in a great place when if you’re right here, and you’re kind of like a chair. If your feet are too out, it’s not going to work. If they’re too close, it’s not going to work as well. So when you get that nice chair position of your feet, you’re ready for the next part. So this is going to be the hardest part. It’s kind of the momentum that you’re going to use to get you up on your feet. What we’re going to try right now is just using a push of the right hand and the lean of the body, let’s try to see if we can roll up on our ankles. So we’re going to be coming back, going to shoot up this way, with my back, you kind of jerk it, and I’m also going to push with my right hand. See if I, we can just get to the step right here. And you can feel a pause in your motion, but it’s actually a good thing for this step right here. We want to see if we can hit enough momentum to kind of get us to the next level. But right now, we’re just trying to get to a push and that little freeze and come back down. Let’s try a bigger one right here. So we’re going to try a little higher. So we start back, we’ll shoot and pull. So right now, we’re not worrying about that, those last details we practiced before we start doing the ground. We’re just trying to get up on our feet. Make sure you’re using every part of your body to shoot. Your chest, your upper body has a lot to do with your momentum. So you don’t get in that stand still position. To make it all the way to the top, you do want to shoot your chest. So we’ll swing, rock, chest goes up. And so now if you have that final detail, right when I get up to here, I’m going to have a roll around with the left. And then, hands in any position here, hit in that pop. Let’s try the whole thing. So that is your basic structure for doing a Leg Shoot. Remember, this is a trick. And as a dancer, you cannot dance by tricks. You got to dance by concepts and style. So make sure you’re using this as a way to throw in your freestyle. Let’s say you do a ground move, pop to the ground, and then you have your some kind of wave that pops up and you continue your dance that way. So that’s how I want you to use this move. And not just take it for, “Oh stopping wave, pop pop pop, trick! Oh everyone likes a trick.” So keep doing the tricks naturally. So I would love to see you doing this move. I would check it out. I would comment, like and share it. If you have any questions on this, just make sure you reach out to my Twitter @brambilabong. I tend to answer that the fastest versus the message on YouTube. Check out my Facebook page as well, we can find the links as well in the box below for a tutorial to learn everything about dancing as well beginner, intermediate, advanced on my website, www.brambilabong.com. If you have request for next hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday, let me know. Shoot me that tweet or message. Otherwise, we’ll catch you next Tutorial Thursday back on track. If you want to check out my clothing company or grab this gear, you can at www.dancesaveslives.org. My God! So many plugs for this video. Hey love you guys, good to see you again. El Tiro, out!