Hip Hop Dance Moves The Heartbeat and Inch Worm

Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves The Heartbeat

In today’s hip hop dance moves tutorial, we’re going to learn how to do the inch worm and the heartbeat. That’s coming right up. Thanks for tuning in. My name is El Tiro. And you’re watching hip hop dance moves tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic, cool dance combo which you can add to your freestyle dance or choreography. Today, we’re learning two hip hop dance moves, and we’re combining it to one awesome concept. So the first hip hop dance move is the inch worm. Like a worm moves, it kind of pulls out and in, and we’re going to be doing this all with our wrist and fingers, lots of liquid going on right here. So really, in essence, an inch worm will move out and then over. They’ll keep moving like that. So with my hands, I’m just flowing and I’m doing it on one side and then as soon as you get to the other side, I move. Literally, I bet this is something you do on the first try. But what makes the cool effect is that it goes just like an inch worm moves and not just flopping. It has a part and a scene that is traveling like an inch worm. It’s almost isolated, right? Cool, so that’s your inch worm. So the next hip hop dance move is learning how to do the heartbeat. Now a heart has kind of a “du-dub… du-dub” hit to it. So opposed to just a big chest bumps, we’re going to be kind of doing two chest bumps that are half the size of what a big one would be. So it goes, hit-hit. So you’re kind of going halfway, du-dub du-dub. So I’m going to use my hand. I’m kind of like emulate my heartbeat to go, pop-pop.  The more you hit, the better effect it’s going to have. So that’s your heartbeat. Now I’m about to combine them to make this sweet hip hop dance combo. So now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my inch worm. I’m going to start at my lower kind of hip area and I’m going to inch worm up. Maybe it’d take three inch worms there and then I’m going to use my hands and they’re going to fall out to go 1-2-in… 1-2-in. So in effect, we have… and that’s your hip hop dance combo. So this is one of those really cool hip hop dance combinations but it's kind of easy, you can probably do it on the first try. Now what makes it cool is when you incorporate it in your freestyle dance, the minute I can wave into my inch worm, heartbeat, and then continue my dance, and that’s what makes it beautiful. That’s why we love the dance style of popping and animation because we can kind of put whatever we want in our heart, in our passion and our creativity into the dance. So I want you to use this hip hop dance combo, make it your own. And then send me a clip. You can hit me up on Instagram @brambilabong, or if you want to keep it between us, on Snapchat @brambilabong. So thank you very much for watching, please comment below your feedback and your request for next tutorial Thursday. And then if you really, really are serious about learning how to dance, check out my website at brambilabong.com. I have 60-minute downloadable hip hop dance tutorials for you guys if you want to take it to the next level. Alright, thanks for watching. This is El Tiro. Peace!