4 Dance Tricks Using 3 Objects / Unique Dance Moves



Learn Three Epic Dance Moves Using Objects

Hey! What is going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. And you are tuned in to tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn an epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography.

Today, we are learning three epic dance moves using three objects which you will need, sunglasses, blanket and a granola bar. Let’s get started.

For the sunglasses, we’re going to put them on the head and we’re going to do two different types of kind of dance moves and tricks. First one is going to be a wave. I’m going to start with my fingers touching my sunglasses and I’m going to do a wave all throughout my body using my neck, makes you want to roll a ball. When I get to here, I’m actually just going to move my sunglasses to continue the wave forward. And I can also use my head to move like that. You can do doubles.

So the second kind of concept is you’re going to be roboting. You’re going to pause the audience like this. You’ll put your right hand or your left hand on your head. You’re going to scan the room, and as you do that, you’re going to flick your sunglasses up and down like this…

So for this next one, you’re going to want a blanket, and you’re going to wrap it around one arm like that. Eventually, you’ll have it all wrapped around your arm and you’ll have that little end tail that kind of just moves like this.

Here’s what’s really cool. This is a really cool illusion to kind of wave for actually and go throughout your body. So, I can actually do an arm wave to my left, go up my chest and then let’s say go down to my knees or something like that. But I can do that with this as the tracer… watch!

You can also do wrist rolls with the blanket. And it just creates a nice exaggerated effect where the wrist rolls is. So you have your full blanket and you’re doing your “toro! Toro!” As the bull comes through, you’re going to swing it around, you’ll bring it in and then you will go into your waving.

And finally, you need a granola bar. Why granola bars? Because they’re everywhere. And so usually, someone has a granola bar on them. You’re going to take it from them. And… let me show you the move first and then we can talk about how to get there. But this needs to end up on the back on your knee where it bends because you’re going to put it on your knee and you can do this right now with me.

And once you have the balance there, you’re going to kick your leg out like that. And what’s going to happen is this granola bar is going to shoot up actually. I’m going to stand right here and see if we can throw it backwards like that. So we’ll put it right on my knee cap like that. As I pop it, it’s going to pop up in the air. So it’s really fun if you take this from someone and you’re dancing with it, you’re doing maybe your body. You can do a wave and it goes into kind of where you’re going to put it right on that knee cap, and then you are going to pop. You’re going to fly it.

So that’s my tutorial usuing three objecrs to create three dance moves. Did you like it? Comment below if so and I hope you get it. And if you do, practice it. Send me a video clip; I’d loves to see it. You can hit me up on Instagram @brambilabong.

Also, if you’re in the market for an awesome granola bar that taste good post workout or a super super soft blanket or some cool sunglasses, and leave all the info on the box below on to the products that actually use in this video.

Well thank you so much for watching!  If you want to take your dancing, popping, robot dancing to the next level I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorials I highly recommend!

Keep Dancing.