Easy Beginner Hip Hop Dance Moves Isolation Illusion

Learn Easy Beginner Hip Hop Dance Moves

In this hip hop dance video, you’re going to learn an awesome isolation/warping concept to add to your freestyle or hip hop dance choreography. That’s coming right up! Hey what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro and you’re tuned in to Hip Hop Dance Tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn an epic new hip hop dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today we’re going to learn a concept that involves using some pretty cool dance isolations. To do this, is actually super easy. To do it effectively takes practice and skills. So let’s break down the technique. All we got to do right here is I’m going to take my left arm, put it underneath my chin like that. And so, I’m going to use the rest of my body to move and shift as my arm stays still. So my arm is isolated right at that point. I can move around and it stays there. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to shift my whole entire body, shoot it to the left and arm is going to stay there so it’s kind of like a head on this line that travels. So that’s my first concept. And this, you can do this, it’s really easy, and you can pretty much do the whole thing. So you do this move in kind of steps. You do your first step and maybe you’ll slant downwards, and I’m going to lean down like that and then I’ll shoot maybe straight and then I’ll shoot across like that. I can put my elbow back up and I can shoot up. So there’s lots of different movements that you can do in this move. You can go in any kind of direction. You can use your right arm, your left arm, you can pass to the other arm, so lots of different routes for creativity to move. Got that down? Good. So then the next one that we’re going to do is actually like you’re heads going to go around in both of your arms. So I’ll kind of do a little rock to prep it and then I’ll move all the way around, I’ll use my shoulders to go around, I go to this arm so I get this nice circular movement. So I can kind of combine it, then go down, straight, switch arms, go all the way around, and then take a bow and start Kung Fu fighting. But seriously, that is actually it. You have this concept. You isolate your arm. You move your head. You put your creativity into it. Then you can be dope, awesome, swagful whatever. Anyway, thanks for tuning in. I want to see you do this move and I want you to send it to me via Instagram @brambilabong or Snapchat, if you want to just keep it between us @brambilabong. If you like this then you will love my free ultimate guide on learning how to street dance! I also have a question of the day: How long have you been dancing? I want to know, comment below and we’ll start that conversation. If you’re not subscribed, make sure you hit that pretty red button and check my channel next Thursday for another awesome dance tutorial. And then if you’re really, really serious about learning how to dance, check out my website, that 60-minute downloadable tutorials for you. Thank you very much for watching. This is El Tiro, out!