Easy Beginner Hip Hop Dance Moves Hip Hop Lessons for Beginners

Easy Hip Hop Lessons for Beginners

In this easy beginner hip hop lesson we breakdown The Ice Box which is a simple tutting combination that is simple but intricate and a great hip hop dance move to show off and add to your freestyle or hip hop choreography.  

Contrary to popular belief learning how to dance hip hop isn't hard.  There are plenty of starter or beginner hip hop dance moves like this one that can help you learn hip hop dance in no time!  Enjoy the video instructional hip hop dance lesson and good luck learning this easy hip hop dance move!

Transcript: Let's give you a hip hop dance combination for using tuts. We're going to do half of an ice box to wrist rolls. It starts like this. Here's my first angle. I have a straight line. My wrists are flat, like this. Don't go too in, don't go too out. Make sure it's straight.

And I'm going to slide my right wrist up, bring it down, and I'm going to slide it across. This is where I get my box. And then I'm going to simply collapse the box. And I'm going to bring back the center, and I'm going to start my wrist rolls. Hands are pushed down. I'm going take my hand that's above, I'm using my left arm to be above, and I'm going to roll that down.

Still trying to keep some good [INAUDIBLE] form. Now I take my upper arm, which is my right arm, and I'm going to swing that. Now it's even. And one more level down, like so. Now I take my lower arm, which is my right arm, and I'm going to roll that up. And then I'm going to do one last step. And that's going to be my lower  arm, left arm, coming up, center, and wrist roll pattern, we did is-- all the way up.

Let's try again from the beginning. Hands right here, wrist comes up, coming down, sliding over, collapse the box, coming in. The wrist goes down, rolling, coming down one more, rolling up. Let's give it our own bass and clap to move step by step. Ready?

Take a couple minutes, practice doing this, and go slow. And then each time go faster, and faster, and faster, until you can hit it smooth and clean like this. In the Dance and Dubstep tutorial, we break down everything you need to know about dancing and dubstep. From hitting those modulated baselines, moving in slow motion, vibrating, how to hit those nasty drops, and so much more.