The Best Dance Tutorial Advice for Freestyle Dancing How to Pop

One of The Best Dance Tutorials I've Ever Made

Yo! What’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. And today is how to dance Tutorial Thursday. It’s going to be a little bit different from my others here. Instead of learning a move, we’re going to learn about movement. It’s more of a conceptual type of tutorial to learn about knowledge in how to dance.   Some of you maybe, in first reaction, would be like, “oh man, it’s lame already. I want to learn the tutting and the combo.” But think of it this way, if you want to learn how to play soccer, you wouldn’t jump in to learn how to do bicycle kicks, you would learn how to play the game, right? So today, we’re going to learn one of the biggest and most important things about freestyle and starting out as a dancer.   I had to really think about this for a while and after lots of thought it. I came to a conclusion that if I show this clip to you of me dancing when I started out, which is really embarrassing and bad, that should help inspire you and get to the point of this tutorial today. So without further adieu, here’s the clip I’m going to show you.   Pretty bad, right? Well check this out. When you start learning how to dance freestyle, at least when I did, and what I see in most people when they me their videos or when I watch beginner dancers that are in 6 months or a year range, a lot of times when they dance, they dance very rushed. So moving very quickly to the beat without rhythm and definitely offbeat. That was me and I feel like there’s a lot of people starting out. So the thing that I want to explain first in this video is the concept of patience.   I think the best movement to use as an example of how patience can help you as a dancer waving. For example, this wave right here. So I’m trying to pretend that this is a wave when I first started out. It’s very quick and you notice when a lot of people do their waves, especially starting out, they move so, whoosh whoosh, so quick, as if moving quicker makes the wave better. In fact, that is totally not true. I always encourage, if you want to do something, you have to learn how to do it slow before you can do it fast. And when you learn it slow, you have the opportunity to break down each body part that you use. So when you do it fast, you have better control of what is what. Instead if you guys… you know what I mean?   So, you know, patience is the virtue. But patience is the issue. So in freestyle dancing, we have all these dancers coming out and their learning how to glide, they’re learning to do head iso’s right off the top. And you know I would recommend doing that so be it. However, then you get to the freestyle part of the dance, when you’re kind of moving and transitioning, and it’s so like oh oh oh… it’s really sloppy, right?   So when you have patience when you dance, have the mindset that you’re going to move slow before you move fast. A lot of moves that you already know how to do, when you learn, I promise you it will help you develop into a very clean and sharp freestyle as well.   So here are a couple of things that you can do, to get to help develop that patience when you dance.   So the first kind of thing you can do when you notice that you’re freestyling and you find yourself rushing is to kind of hit in different dimestop positions. So dimestops are when you move to certain position and freeze and have a mini hit. Not really like a big hit but more of like a frozen, and kind of tense flex of the muscles. So let’s say if I find myself freestyling really fast, and I catch myself doing that and I’ll hit the beat of those boom clap, boom clap…   This move’s going to naturally slow down your movement. It will give you a chance to listen to the rhythm of the beat on when to actually hit that snare and hopefully, it will help you develop into other freestyle moves using that rhythm and beat and you’ll always have kind of a safeguard, if you forget what you’re doing or lose track or start going to the rush, you can always go back to dimestops.   So I know this tutorial have a lot more than doing but really patience is a key factor in your freestyle. It is so important to have that mentality of learning how to dance slowly with patience will help you progress into one of those awesome dancers that will one day be a viral dancer.   So what I really want to encourage you to do is post a video of your latest freestyle. If you don’t have one, make one and post it. And if you do that for me, what I’ll do for you is I will check out your video and I will give you a thorough breakdown of your freestyle dance video.   What up YouTube? This is El Tiro from the All-Star dance crew, the Body Poets out of San Diego, California. This tutorial is going to be a little different from my other tutorials and you’ll see why. I want to ask you one question and one question only, when you dance, do you dance with style or with moves? Without making you wait too long for the right answer, my right answer is that you should always, always, always, always dance by style and never by moves, and I’ll explain why. Let’s say you’re in a battle and you got three rounds to go, however, in your first round, you used all your tricks, guess what? You’re done so. You’re going to get smoked. An interesting concept that I learned from the Slick Dogg video is that you should have equal get down and throw down. Throw down is that fancy stuff, the tricks, the glides, the moves that make the crowd go, Wow! That’s crazy! Get down is your own personality, your own style and fusion into the dance. I really want you to concentrate on developing your own style. Now, how do you develop your own style? My biggest advice on that is you turn off YouTube and you don’t watch it for a month, and you only dance by yourself, and work on yourself. It’s so easy to watch all these YouTube videos, and then when you start dancing, you naturally, for watching, start doing these moves that really aren’t yours. The biggest thing about developing your own style is it has to be your own. I’ll share a quick story with you. A good friend of mine named Joey Wright and I were watching the Discovery Channel. It was a sea edition, there were, it’s all about fishes and what’s in the ocean. Well, a jellyfish came on. So he gets up and tries to imitate the jellyfish. It was funny. However, it made me think, when you develop your own style, it can be from any experiences that you see or your background of where you’re from. And that’s what makes the dance so beautiful. If I was to plan a math equation, for every trick that you have, you should have three minutes of freestyle for it. So thanks for tuning in. This is El Tiro, from the Body Poets. Out! Oh, and I’m going to leave a freestyle video, right here that demonstrates using tricks and style. If you are serious about learning how to dance, make sure you check out my website, which I will have videos ready to download by August 15. If you buy or download before August 15, then you will get the dubstep dance tutorial edition for free. So check that out, and if you have any questions about this tutorial or have request for next tutorial Thursday, make sure you hit me up on Twitter @brambilabong or Facebook which you can check on the link down below. This is El Tiro! See you guys later. Peace!