How to Dance Like Michael Jackson


We have all seen the notorious Michael Jackson incredible lean move done in his Smooth Criminal video.  This hip hop dance moves tutorial will teach you how to do the MJ lean!  This is a really cool hip hop dance move that will stun any crowd!  I've seen multiple hip hop dance crews on TV do this effectively along with Magicians as well.  Though the illusion may be difficult, this hip hop dance move is actually pretty easy to do!  It is all about the set up before going into the dance move.  If you are curious enough to learn how to dance this cool lean just keep in mind it does put a little pressure on your knees.Michael Jackson is a popular influence on many artists and dancers.  If you are a dancer that is also inspired by MJ make sure you are using his dance moves as a way to build off of.  I guess what I am trying to say is don't be another MJ duplicate or impersonator, try to be yourself.  It is totally ok to take someone elses dance moves as long as you make them your own and add your personal flavor in them.  To be inspired is great, to copy is bad, know what I mean?  This is one of those great hip hop dance moves you can easily put into your hip hop choreography as one of those epic moments to capture an audiences attention.  Keep dancing, stay original and good luck learning this cool hip hop dance move!  Contact me for questions! What up YouTube? This is El Tiro from the Body Poets. So today’s tutorial, we’re going to learn how to do a robotic lean. Now I’m not going to say this is a Michael Jackson lean in Smooth Criminal because that lean, unfortunately, if you know that already, is fake, I’m so sorry. But this tutorial, we’re going to learn a realistic lean we can do. It still has the same cool effect that your leaning without the gravity effect on you. Ok so some points for this tutorial, you want to have good back posture. You know when your mom is always like scolding you at the dinner table like “Hey Adrian, why don’t you have good back posture? Sit up or you’re not going to eat your mashed potatoes”… whatever. It’s important that you have good back posture, because you want to have a straight diagonal line on your lean. So let’s break this down. So the first one you’ll do is you’re going to put both of your feet pointing in the same direction. Let’s pick right. So it’s important that your right foot is staggered from your left. Meaning, just a little bit, your right foot’s going to be ahead of your left foot. Once you point your toes to the right, guess what? You’ll lean. How cool is that? Ok, but there are some things you can do to make it look cooler. You can start from a backwards light position. That’s going to have a more degrees of when you start and when you end it. It is called the robotic lean so obviously you want to do things that a robot would do. How do you know what a robot does? I don’t know. My best friends are robots. Just kidding. That’s the lean, super easy, super cheesy. This is El Tiro from the Body Poets, out!