How to do the Worm Dance Move

Hip Hop Dance - How to do the Worm Now we have all been to our share of school dances, weddings and parties where someone ends up doing the worm and everyone cheers because it is awesome... Well almost everyone.  Everyone but those people that have watched this hip hop tutorial on how to hip hop dance and do the worm.  This isn't your ordinary worm.  My guess is that you might have not even seen this before.  If you were to bust this upside down worm right after a person does a regular worm you will put them to shame!In this how to dance hip hop tutorial the upside down worm looks pretty difficult but rest assured it is a pretty easy move you probably will get on the first couple tries.  The biggest concept you need to understand when doing this hip hop dance move is breaking down your body into sections as you move and moving the sections according to the wave with out skipping parts.  This tutorial will break down the worm in 5 steps to section off from your head, chest, hips, knees and feet.  If you can grasp the sections moving in order than you will learn this how to hip hop dance how to do the worm move easily!  Good luck and hit me up if you have questions on Twitter or the contact form! What up? My name is Adrian. I like to dance. So this move, we’re body waving on the ground. We’re doing a body wave on the ground. And it uh… So this move is kind of like doing a reverse worm, except, instead of being on your stomach, you’re going to have your back on the ground. So maybe it’s like more of a reverse flip worm, the flip reverse worm, the worm that flipped in reverse. So breaking down this move, the first thing you’re going to do is move your head forward, keeping the rest of your body still. Next, your head lands, now your chest is going to arch. You know, arch your chest so much that you can put your hands underneath your back. And your butt’s going to lift up, wooh! Yeah! You’ll use your heels and your shoulders. After your butt’s in the air, you’re going to have that land. But when you land, make sure that your legs are bent. Legs are bent when you land. And then, after that, your feet are then going to kick out and down. Once you get the steps down, it’s really important to learn the move slow and then gradually work up to where you can do… body waves, really quick, really fast. Ok? So you’ll learn it slow then fast. Well, I hope you like my tutorial for the reverse worm, flipping reverse worm. I will be doing more tutorials. My name is Adrian Brambila, a.k.a. El Tiro from the Body Poets. So much respect, thank you for watching. Please leave any comments of criticism, critics, you enjoyed it. Share it to your friends, your grandma.