How to Glide Learn How to Dance Gliding


Hip Hop Dance Moves - Learn How to Glide Learning how to glide is one of the more advanced concepts of learning how to dancehip hop.  Gliding is a really cool illusion that dancers can create.  Gliding is the effect of hovering over the ground in a way that seems like magic.  The moonwalk popularly made famous by Michael Jackson is a type of glide.  There are a ton of different ways you can learn how to glide and this tutorial is going to break down gliding using the concept of floats or floating.Floating is a great stepping stone to master how to glide because floating really emphasizes the importance of positioning your body in the right places to make your continuous glide smoother in connecting steps.  Floating is all about using the maximum length of your foot from the back of your heal to the tip of your big toe.  Learning how to glide isn't easy, and is a concept you will need to practice slowly with much reputation until you get it!  Good luck and stop by the home page to continue to learning how to dance!