How to Glide - How to Dance Gliding Air Walk Tutorial

Learn How to Glide and Air Walk

Hey what’s up? This is El Tiro. So it’s night time right now. We have crickets that chirping and I have no idea what’s out here. So I’m trying to make this quick before the boogie man comes out and gets me. So we’ll be working on a footwork style of move to add to get those variations with our feet. It looks like this… So to this, what’s going to happen is I’m going to use my right foot, and I’m going to use this, you know, cross my arms to be serious. It’s going to rotate around circle like that. Now what I want to have that foot do is when I get to my top spot, I’m circling down, I’m going to hop on my left toe as it sweeps underneath. So it’s kind of like a balancing act here. So here’s what it looks like from the side. So to make this have that cool kind of woosh effect, is I’m going to try to move my top foot fast. And then right where I get to the part where my foot’s kind of barely grazing the floor, that’s where I go super slow and I go on my toe like… like that. so I’m going… So if you’re like incorporating this with your glide, I’ll move here and maybe I’d turn and I would to my move. I would go… pop… underneath. And then I would move. It’s kind of like one of those like leaning moments where you go like leaning, and then you go. So same thing here, I have a fast pick up and then right when I get to my grazing motion, I go on my toe, that’s the slow motion like… and then you’ll go to the side or continue your glide or have it or put it in your freestyle. But you want to try to remain on your left toe as long as you can or as long as it fits the move naturally with your freestyle.  So here, toe and I move to the side. So there’s lots of different ways you can do this. You can just do the move and lean, you can continue the motion maybe twice, down into a continuous glide; sky’s the limit with this. So hope you enjoyed the float or half-glide incorporate it as you will. Make it you own. This is El Tiro. Before I go, do want to mention that my website brambilabong is pretty much up and ready. If you really want to learn how to take dance seriously, hop on it. I have hour-long tutorials ready for you guys to learn and download. So thanks for tuning in, we’ll catch you next tutorial Thursday. If you have request, hit me up on Twitter @brambilabong, on my Facebook. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace! Oh and if you want to see a freestyle using this kind of variation on your feet, why don’t you click on this link right here. Alright, El Tiro, out!