Incredible Soccer Dance Move Tutorial

How to Balance a Soccer Ball On Your Neck

Hey what’s going on Youtube? This is El Tiro. And in honor of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, starting today I’m gonna give a Dance Soccer Move to add to your freestyle you have to be dancing around a soccer ball. Alright? So let’s get started. So for this move we’re going to be balancing a soccer ball on the back of your neck. First thing I want to teach you guys or show you guys is your back posture when you do this move. You do not want to have a hunchback. You want to arc your back and have a very straight flat back that kinda has nice arc right here. I’m able to put the soccer ball on the back of my neck where my shoulders are, just like kind of a looking up. My arms are going to be propelled back like I’m doing, like an airplane. And I’m creating pretty much a pocket for the soccer ball to kind of balance on. See and if my back is hunched, then it would be a lot harder to balance that. But when you’re down low and you got your arms out and you’re sinking low, it creates a nice pocket for the ball to hold. So if you were to start right there and just practice, you can use a basketball if you don’t have a soccer ball. And just get that balance. Practice that, once you get the hang of it, try moving around a little bit. And once you get that down, you’re ready to start the soccer dance move part. Let’s try that again... So once you get the balance part of it, then you’re ready to move on to the next part which is going to be some arm waving. So if we practice without a soccer ball where we’re really hunching low, arms are gonna be out like this, you’re going to be doing a wave except you’re not gonna try to move your shoulders too much because that’s going affect where the ball, where the ball is kind of a lay on the back of your neck. So we’re really just doing arm wave up to the forearm then the shoulder, little shoulder part to each other. And all we’re doing is a simple wave back and forth. So if you don’t have any soccer skills and you cannot flick it on up to yourself, that’s totally cool. Here’s a little kind of trick to get up to that point is you’re gonna toss the ball up from right here and then try to catch that. So it goes like this. Toss up now you lean down to catch. Once I get that part, I would practice that a couple of times ‘coz if you ever wanna show this move off, you never wanna juggle it up a bit and then you know make a fall or stuff. Try to look smooth, make it look easy. So I would keep practicing this drill ‘til you get it down. And then once you can get it down like that, then you stick your arms out and you can do kind of all kinds of different waving right here and then you can do the sideway which is just like that. Cool! Well I hope you’re watching the World Cup and cheer on for your favorite team. Viva Mexico! That’s what I’m cheering for and USA of course! Alright! And another news, I have a contest going on right now. It’s for a free Skype lesson with myself plus a hundred-dollars’ worth of my premium 60-minute tutorial so if you’re interested in entering, I definitely encourage you to. Check the info box below or click right here. And I’d like to hear your comments. In fact tell me who you are cheering for in the World Cup in Brazil. So alright, see you guys later. Peace!