4 Insane Dance Moves You Only Learn in the Kitchen

Fun Cool Kitchen Dance Moves

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to cook.

Hold on, hold on, not like cooking food… cooking up dope dance ideas.

Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography.

Today, we’re talking about cooking, brainstorming, how to create new ideas, like there’s the writer’s blog, there’s a dancer’s blog. It all happens to us. I’ve been dancing for over… oh my gosh! 6 years now. And sometimes, all freestyle would be like “gosh! I feel like I’m doing the same moves over and over again”. Well, here’s a little practice concept to get you out of the idea. That doesn’t make sense… to get you out of the box… out of the norm.

Let me take this camera. I just moved. This is my new place. And this is the kitchen. And I’m showing you this because (oh, probably should have cleaned)… because we’re going to be using objects in our kitchen, everyone has a kitchen, to up your game. Ready?

So anytime, I can’t think of new moves, I try to look at normal things that we experience every single day and try to translate them in dance.

None of this is planned. I’m going to show you on the spot. Let’s try. Alright, let’s start with this bad boy. You know what this is? This is a wine opener. You plug it in and… oh my gosh… you get wine out of bottles.

Check this out. Look at this closely. It spins and when you push it down, it has like two arm-like things that come up. As you can see, it’s very jagged. This thing’s not smooth.

So, when I look at this, I’m really thinking about how it works, how it operates. And then, I think of how I can apply it to my dance, so one thing that I’m thinking about right here.

So I see my arms coming up like that, I see the head coming in. My hands are going to be like this. I can move my head down like an isolation. And then have a double arm wave, come out like that. So I can go… and I can come up in layers just like the wine opener does.

Alright, round 2… let’s see what I can find.

Bam! This is a fly swatter. Check this out!

What do you do when you use a fly swatter? You try and chase a bug and you see it and finally, you’re like… “Bam! Bam! Bam!” Okay?

I know you think this is stupid but check this out. You can go into a robotic position and you can use your head to kind of follow around as if there’s a bug or a fly you’re following until you use your hand to robot and move. So really, now we’re using like warping concepts in moving around as if there’s a fly swatter.

This is a spatula. You use a spatula to flip objects. I know you know where I’m going. Okay.

So if I’m doing robotics, all my hands start backwards. I can bring them up and I can flip.

This is a knife. And I don’t know how you could use a knife. Let’s try something else.

These are clippers. Check them out, really up close. You have to really push them hard and then they close pretty fast, clampers. So you’re robotics is as easy. I mean, this as hands, I’d be moving around and I can use these to kind of grab. I can even grab my arm, pull that in. So now, I’m using to kind of create a lever effect. Pull it up, kind of go down and pull it up. So now I’m using that and incorporate my hand.

The world is a magical place. You can find inspiration anywhere, whether you’re in the garage, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, like today. All you have to do is look for it. Think hard and practice.

And you what would be really cool, If you make a dance video using objects of inspiration like kitchen. I challenge you, hit me up on Instagram @brambilabong and send me a video clip. I’d be really stoked to see it.