Learn 3 Amazing Hat Trick Dance Moves

Hat Dance Hip Hop Moves

In this video, you’re going to learn three awesome hip hop dance hat tricks. That’s coming right up! Hi what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro and you’re tuning in to hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday where you learn an epic, new hip hop dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re going to be working with a hat and you'll learn 3 different hat dance moves. Now you need a hat, you need to snap back something flat built for this dance tutorial, it’s going to help. Once you got that, let’s get started. So I’m going to start you guys on with something easy. The first one is literally a flick or spinning a hat on its bill on your fingers like that. Now again, like if I’m going to incorporate this in a dance, it’s all about using your style. You can trace arm wave, you can flick and I can even blow on it to add some dance animation effect, so lots of different rules to play with. To do this, you need to use your fingers as you would snap. You’re going to use that same concept. I put my middle finger on the front, the thumb at the back. So I’m using the pointer finger to kind of grab two fingers on the front, thumb on the back. And then I’m going to spin that. I’m going to use my hand to cheat here. I’m going to spin that around to do a whole 360. I’m doing that by snapping like this. One more time… so that’s you’re first one. Now, one thing about hip hop dance moves that involve hat tricks is you need to master these before you show this. I feel like the most sloppy thing dancers do if they have hat tricks is like they’ll do their dance move, they’re crumping, and they’re waving and then they try to do the hat trick and it falls, and that wiggety wiggety wack. So don’t be the guy that falls his hat, be the guy that masters the move before you show it up. Alright, number 2. I actually saw this from Chris Brown like ages ago when I was first learning or watching dance videos. I was like 19 at that time of 25. Oh holy shikes! I’m 25, I feel old. Anyways, so it looks like this. You have to wear your hat upfront. And in my dance, I’m moving and I’m going to slide across and have the hat take off from my head naturally like that. So to do this, I’m going to have my arm go across like this and as I’m dancing I’m going to incorporate in a nice smooth way to have my bill of my hat land on my elbow so it has a nice flat platform that the hat can lay on. If it’s not flat, then it’s going to fall off. And really that’s an… you want to practice this one slow to get kind of the balance of it. And then once you have tried that a couple of times, you can go a nice quick one. So the last hat move is kind of like an optical illusion. And this one, you kind of need to only do this facing the right way turn on the audience. So I’m going to turn myself to the camera where you cannot see my arm, you can only see the hat that’s kind of right here. So when you have the right side, it creates kind of the hat float on my chest. So what I’m going to do here, is I’m going to kind of like puppet it up, maybe you can slide down, I can even twist it around and so I’m creating this illusion here. Now to do that in your dance, maybe you would kind of put your hat upfront, you go back, you turn and you would kind of have it, you would play around with it. The trick is not to do this where your hand is being shown. That’s lame. That was probably going to be the hardest one because it’s about kind of practicing in front of a mirror. And then making your own little variations, if you’re turning the hat, if you’re making it climb up your body, and then making sure your hand behind the scenes is not being seen. So those are your three hat moves for this dance tutorial. I have a question for you, question of the day: What’s your favorite artist to dance to? I want to know. Let’s comment below and then we’ll start that conversation. If you mastered these three hat moves, I challenge you to send me a video clip on Instagram. You can find me @brambilabong, or if you want to keep it between us, on Snapchat @brambilabong. And make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Next Thursday will be another tutorial so best check in then. And thank you so much for watching.