Hey, what's going on hip hop dancers!? This is El Tiro, and in today's video dance lesson we are going to teach you three different awesome footwork based dance moves that can be applied to freestyle, hip hop, and street dance styles.. 

3 Awesome Dance Moves on Footwork



So the first dance lesson we're going to get to you is a nice way you can do a 180 turn. So to do that, it looks like this. So this is pretty simple. All you got to do is take your right foot, and then lift the heel up so you're kind of on the toe. Then my left foot is going to slide underneath that area. Then I'm going to twist to the right. Now, both my toes are pointing in this direction. They're exactly facing the same way, parallel to each other. And then this is where I'm going to twist to the left. And that's going to make me able to twist all the way around in a 180. Again from the back side.

Now that you got that one down, the next dance move we are going to teach you is a nice hot move and then some really cool flip switches to get us back. And so it looks like this. So this one is really simple if you break it down. All you're going to be doing is hopping with your feet out, wider than your shoulders. You'll bend in naturally. And then all I'm doing really fast is I'm moving my toes and my heels separately. So go one, two, three, and then back to begin. Could take you a little more or less, more than three or four steps. Depends on how wide you jump and then how fast you're bringing in the end. So really slow, you got your hop. You're sunk in like a mini squat position. And now we're going toe, heel, toe, heel, toe. Pop.

The third concept I'm going to give to you guys for some footwork is a fancier and smoother transition. It involves putting your foot and wrapping it around your body to kind of twist. So breaking it down, it looks like this. So here's how you do it. You're going to take your right foot. You're going to swing that around your body. Everything else is pretty much staying still. When I get to where a point where I can't go any further, I'm actually going to twist as far as I can, my heel facing forward. Now, I can get my heel facing right in front of me. Sometimes your flexibility might not be able to go that far. So go as far as you can. From here, all I'm doing is having my body follow my heel patterns. So I'm just twisting to the right until my feet are aligned up center again. One more time. Right here we have your right foot. It wraps around your body. And then you get to a point where you cannot go any further. You twist your heel. And then the rest of your body is simply going to be turning to match your right foot. And then you're back to the center again.

So those are the three concepts for footwork that I'm going to throw at you today for today's dance Tutorial Thursday. I actually just made a freestyle dance video, and I incorporate some of these moves and other types of transition of footwork. You can check my YouTube to check that out. Other than that, if you have questions on footwork or anything about learning how to dance in the style of popping, make sure you comment below. I try to comment to every single comment back to you guys. So questions, comments, feedback, you have a request for the next tutorial, all you gotta to is drop is below. Other than that, hit me up on Twitter @brambilabong. That's the other faster way I usually get back to you guys. And if you are serious about learning how to dance, make sure you stop by my website, www.brambilabong.com. I have some 60-minute hour-long dance tutorials that really break down everything if you're serious about learning how to dance. So all right, thanks for tuning in. We'll catch you next Thursday for another tutorial. This is El Tiro out.