Learn 3 Epic Christmas Dance Moves Holiday Tutorial

Epic Christmas Dance Moves To Learn

Happy holidays YouTube! In this video, you’re going to learn how to dance with a present, a stocking and a wreath. Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to Tutorial Thursday where you learn epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography. In the theme of holiday for Christmas, I’m going to give you three awesome move. So tomorrow for Christmas, you can bust them loose. Now we’re going to use a stocking and for this concept we’re going to use tracing with this right arm. I’m going to have nice fluid movements with the wrist like so. The rest of my body’s going to do a left body arm to a body wave just like that. So with my writs going around super fast like that, I’m creating a nice cool visual tracing arms. So when I do in full effect, looks like this. And that my friend, is how to use a stocking to dance. So this wreath concepts are actually to be taken from hula hoopers that I’ve seen.  Really cool thing that hula hoopers do is that they isolate the hula hoop or in this case wreath, as they put their hand around, keeping it still the whole time in that space. So it’s like they’re rotating like almost as if it’s a wheel. Now here’s I guess, if you don’t see it right now, here’s a bad example. Now to isolate, you have to make sure that it stays rotated and it’s on that centered point the whole time. Now of course it’s going to be shaky and that too but another cool concept they do is that they’ll swing it around. And so you kind of do isolations as you pull in here, I can move to the center, I can pull it out, in, move to the center. So again, this is kind of like your isolated piece. And then you can also rotate around. And you can pretend to put your animation in and you go, like you’re turning it, turn it back. You can turn it as you go, isolate yourself. So those are some ways you can use a wreath. And last but not the least, there’s a cool way to open your present and it looks like this. Bring it around down and use your body to isolate the present. And I can also go in reverse. So what I’m going here is at first rotating my box around in circle. And all I’m going is I’m mocking at opposite with my body as the present stays still like that. So if I’m going to act this out… present! So those are three moves you can bust out on Christmas day whether you’re hanging out with your family, or friends or your loved ones. So Christmas is a great time to show appreciation to people that you love and care about and I care about you guys. So I want you to click right there and have a nice present and get it if you do. This is El Tiro, we’ll see you next week. Peace!