Learn Difficult Hip Hop Dance Move Dance Lesson - Backwards Arm Waving

Amazing Hip Hop Dance Move Tutorial

In this online dance lesson we are going to teach you an incredibly amazing dance move that has been performed in the step up movies, so you think you can dance and even america's best dance crew.  Backwards waving isn't an easy hip hop dance move so you may not get it on the first try.  We will teach you step by step on how to do this hip hop dance move and once you learn it you will be excited!  It truly is an impressive hip hop dance move that you can integrate in your freestyle, or even hip hop choreography. So we're going to pick a nice squatting position. Have your back muscles kind of be tense. Keep your back up, coming down like this. So I'm doing a shoulder blade roll-- start with my right-- and I'm going to break down that section coming down, having my elbow follow, wrist, my fingertips going out. So I'll go right. I want you to just practice this right here. So I'm popping up, down. And then make sure you're hitting those fingertips-- really important detail. Try the left side now. So now when we add that with the walk, I'll take my right foot, and as I step, it's going to naturally be falling with the elbow coming down. Roll. Left. Step. So this is a super-cool move. And it's kind of hard to see in a mirror position because your head's kind of facing down how it looks. So why don't you do this move in front of a friend or whoever is closest to you right now? Tell them if it has that cool effect that you are at waving backwards and stepping, and then come back. Yo, what up? It's El Tiro, and I want to thank you for watching that hip hop dance lesson tutorial. That's actually a snidbit of my 60-minute long tutorial, which you can find on my website, brambilabong.com. I have fully dedicated my blood, sweat, and tears into making a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even a dubstep dance lesson tutorial. All 16 minute long durations that really break down everything you need to know. I mean, my tutorials on Thursdays are great. They're really short, though, and they usually don't go as in-depth as they could. And with the tutorials, I took all the time on my website to break down all the details to get you all the knowledge, not just the moves, but concepts too. So if you are serious about learning how to dance, you definitely got to check it out. If you have any questions and don't know which tutorial's the right one for you, just hit up on Twitter @brambilabong or on my Facebook. And I'll actually leave a link straight to the Purchase the online dance lesson Tutorial right the info box below with a special discount for you guys. All right, this is El Tiro. Out.