Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves The Elevator

Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves - The Elevator

Out of all the hip hop dance moves the elevator is one of the most popular hip hop dance tricks you see performed in YouTube videos and even on the big screen like crews in America's Got Talent, ABDC, and even in the Step Up movies.  I'm really not sure who invented the move but the first crew that I saw do it was the Jabbawockeez.  After doing some studying I have seen clips way before the Jabbawockeez were even around of it being performed by breakers and bboys.  Learning how to dance this hip hop dance move will definitely make any crowd stand up or applause because it is really one of those neat illusions that is eye candy!A lot of people this hip hop dance move wondering if your height and size have anything to do with making it easy and hard.  I always answer people I have seen large, small, tiny, and big people all do this move.  The only limitations learning how to hip hop dance are the ones that you set up for yourself.  Think you can do it, practice it until it is perfect, and master it to show off to other people!  Tweet me any questions you have! Transcript: Hey, what's up, YouTube? This is Adrian, aka El Tiro from The Body Poets. Today's hip hop dance tutorial is going to be on a move that I call the elevator. It's a move that gets you from the ground, all the way standing. What's cool about the elevator is, you see it in different dance styles. You see poppers do it, you see breakers do it. And if you watch America's Best Dance Crew, or any kind of crew, you'll always see some kind of hip hop dance crew doing the elevator. I'm going to get in a push-up position, except my right knee is going to be bent forward. What's really important is, my toes are going to be flexed. So they're not going to be pointed out. They're going to be in. And I'm going to do a motion that's kind of like a push-up, and than kind of like a teeter-totter rocks. So as I go to my push-up position, my opposite leg is going to come straight up in the air, like that. This where you get all your power, and your momentum from.

Learning The Elevator Hip Hop Dance Move

After you rock down, you're going to push up with your arms, like a push-up. Your foot is going to land on the ground. It's important that your foot lands on the ground before you try to come up, or else you'll fall. So make sure your foot falls on the ground, and then you use your back muscles to shoot you up. You want to kind of jerk your back. So I'll go down, and then I'll push. My foot's going to land back, and then I'm going to use my back, and arc it, to push up. When I see people doing the hip hop dance move the elevator, I see people doing it kind of a sloppy way, and a clean way. The sloppy way is when they do the elevator, they'll push up, but they'll only lean back. And they'll move into a backward position. It's a difficult concept, but as you push-up backwards, you actually want to take your first step forward. I don't know why, but it's cooler. If you liked learning this dance move than check out my premium 60 minute dance lesson tutorials.