How to Knee Spin

What’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to Tutorial Thursday. You’re going to learn a sweet sweet knee spin move that can get you all the way to your feet. That’s coming right up!   Now today’s move is going to give you some major rug burn if you’re practicing on the carpet or if not on the wood floor. It should be nice and smooth. But it’s going to be super dope, it might take a couple tries. Bet you will impress all your friends, maybe even a girl you’ve been trying to talk to.   Before I teach you this awesome hip hop dance move, I got to let you know I have this Instagram contest. It’s almost over. February 22nd is my birthday and you have until then to submit a 15-second Instagram video, dancing to any song for a chance to win a free Skype lesson with myself plus $125. So to learn more, look on the info right here or if you’re watching this on a desktop, click on my face right now.   So breaking down how to spin on you knee, here’s what you got to worry about first, is a nice little prep and I’m spinning to the left, so my prep’s going to be to the right. And as I spin, I’m kicking up my back left foot in the air, just a little bit. It might be hovering. And I’m picking up my right foot.   Now a lot of this has to do with balance. If you’re not having a good center of gravity, you’re going to be falling all over the place. So something you can practice is kind of twisting in motions or in turns or in quarters or in halves. For example, just to get a nice center of gravity. And then when you feel like you’re getting it, then you can kind of push it, trying for a full 360. A little tip, if you go slow, you’re going to be able to balance better before you do a fast one and tip over.   So you’ll notice at the transition, the rise to your feet, when you start your foot out, after you pick it up, you’re really going to start to bring it inside. So here’s kind of what it’s going to look like because when I spin and I get to my point, it’s kind of like right here, my foot’s like this and that’s going to allow me to really easily push up to a standing position.   So in effect, you have a prep, a turn, foot, right foot goes out, it comes in, almost cross legged. And then, you use that to push with your momentum to stand up. When we put it together, it looks like this.   When I put it together, it should look something like this. Now if you really really want to go for it, not just one spin. How many spins can you do? Can you do two? Can you do three? That challenge is up to you.   So there goes my hip hop dance Tutorial Thursday for today. I hope you learned it. If you didn’t, practice until you got it and before you go, if you are serious about taking your dance to the next level, check out my website, brambilabong.com. I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorials. They are the best tutorials I have ever made. So I definitely recommend if you are interested in doing them.   My question of the day is “If you won a million dollars, how would you spend that money?”   Thanks again for watching, make sure you press that subscribe button if you haven’t. I would love if you share this video to any of your dancer friends who maybe you think can step up the game and this move could help.   Thanks for watching. This is El Tiro, peace!