Learn Popping Concept of Warping Speed

Learn Popping - Warping Tutorial

Warping is a simple but very cool dance move in the style of popping often used as a transition move and popularly seen in dubstep dance videos across YouTube.  Learning how to pop I would consider this one of the fundamentals of popping.  One of the major concepts of having a great overall freestyle showing the concept of contrast between movements.  You need to be versatile and warping is one of the moves that can help create that effect.  There are a ton of different directions and movements you can apply the warp in your popping dance.  It is unfortunate to see dancers that heavily rely on the warp for an extended period of time.  Make sure you use it in a balanced matter of your freestyle set.  If you have an questions contact me and good luck in learning how to pop doing the warp!

101 Learn Popping Fundamentals: Warping

  What up? This is El Tiro from the Body Poets. Warping is when you’re kind of moving from a slow motion position and you just jolt or speed up really fast to another position. Usually, a lot of poppers do warping after moving slow. So if I’m moving slowly kind of like walking on the moon, and then we’ll warp and that quick jolt makes the warp. First, you can have that slow motion movement or this, you’re pretending to walk on the moon. Hands are just kind of floating, right? This is really weird. You’re walking on the moon. Wooh! Look at me walking on the moon. Ok! So we’re just going to move from a slanting left position, to a right position. So I just want you to try this one out. Straight, a little to the left, don’t worry about hands right now. And we’re going to switch to the right side. 1 2 3… switch! Try it one more time, 1 2 3… switch! So moving to the left side, 1 2 3… switch! Back and forth… 1 2 3… switch! 1 2 3… switch! The basic one, not too hard huh? So now, we’re just going to add some elements to the warping. So now, I’m going to have hands, hands are going to float. In exaggeration, this is the hula. Ok? We’re going to kind of come up high, so then we’ll have to go to the side, back and forth like that. So I’m going to go left, down, warp, up… down, warp, up, down… warp, ok? Notice that when I warp my body, is movement followed by my hands. So I’m not going… I’m going, warp, hands… warp, hands… ok? So next element we can add is walking. So if I’m walking straight now, we’ll use both my feet, my hands are going to float like so, just up and down, side to side like a hula, and then I’ll warp. Now, I’m going to continue my warp after I walk. Cool? So, what I suggest you do is practice warping to a song that has a loud snare. So everytime you hear that clap, you do a warp. Probably wait every other two snares. So, boom boom clap, boo boom boo boom warp, boom boom clap, boo boom boo boom warp.