Musicality Beat Manipulation Tutorial

What is Beat Manipulation in Dancing and How to do It

In this video, you’re going to learn one of the most important parts of dancing, musicality and beat manipulation. Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to dance tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Now today, musicality… it’s so so important. It is the essence of the dance. But first, in order to listen to music, you have to have nice gear. So not only do I want to tell you about my cool, new sponsor, Aquaflex earphones but actually how you can get some of these for free. The Aquaflex earphones are made just for the athlete. They have insane quality and they are fitting to your ears so whether you are running, whether you are head banging, whether you are sprinting, whether you are dancing of course, they’re going to stay in the ear and they’re going to sound great. So whether you have elephant size ears or dwarf ears, these are going to fit, no matter what. Not to mention, you can actually talk on the phone with on these bad boys too. So you could kind of be dancing and talking on the phone and head banging. I mean, you can do it all. Plus, they’re even waterproof. So I’m going to be giving away 10 of these bad boys. But first, let us learn about musicality. At the end of the tutorial, I will let you know how you can be one of those lucky 10 winners. Let’s go! So for today’s lesson on musicality, we’re going to be breaking down one song and we’re going to find three things, the snare, the bass and the instrument. Now, songs are all about patterns. So as a dancer, you got to listen to the music, pay attention to the details, and then you can have a nice flow, musicality and beat manipulation. So you can practice beat manipulation and musicality to exact same songs that I’m dancing to. Check the info box below, click the link and you’ll get few samples. Let’s go! So the first part that we’re going to be looking for is the snare. It’s usually the easiest part to find in any song. Listen, we should do a little clap. Easy right? Now as you move to it, and kind of do a hit, dimestop position. Just do a hit! Simple… ok, now, we’re going to listen for the bass. First, I’m going to do it kind of act it out with a fist bump. Same thing, I want you to do a hit. Once you got it, ready? I’m just moving with the chest. Cool! Last part, we’re going to pay attention. We’re looking for the sound of the instrument. It’s kind of a nice little waving motion. So we’re going to do… cool! So once you’ve picked all those three sounds out, then freestyle in dancing musicality is incorporating all three. Like so… So next time you practice dancing, I really encourage you to pay attention to every single sound the song has. Again, I really encourage you to check those links and get your free tracks from my website, which you can practice to. They’re made just for this style of dance of popping animation. So check them out. Have fun! For tomorrow’s freestyle Friday, I had a really cool opportunity to collaborate with the DJ. He played any beat and I dance to it. So it’s a cool example of kind of how you master listening to music, you can dance to anything. Now, if you want to get your hand on the free Aquaflex earphone, here’s what you got to do. Two things, one, make sure you are following @casecoinc who makes the earphones, and of course my channel then, just comment below and tag 5 friends. And you can enter as many times as you want. But each time you comment has to be 5 unique friends and I’m going to pick one lucky winner. Alright, thanks for watching. We’ll catch you next tutorial Thursday. And we’ll catch you Friday for freestyle Friday. This is El Tiro. Peace!