Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves Using Your Shirt

Dance Moves Using Your Shirt

Yo yo! What is up YouTubers, dancers, homies, community? It’s El Tiro. You’re tuned in to tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or your choreo. And today, we’re learning a combination of a head isolation using your shirt. So it’s kind of like a trick or style illusion. Be great for performances and stuff like that. So without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Check this out! We’re going to do this without the shirt first. And your hands are pretty much going to be up here. And what we’re doing is we’re going to do two different things. You’re going to be using your neck to move all the way left to right. And then you’re going to be using your torso to move either right or left. So the combination… you got to be able to do a head isolation before you are able to do this.

And so really, what we’re doing is we’re using our arms to move. And then we’re using our head and our body to go. So, then as you push, your head switches and you’re able to kind of go in each direction like that, right? I mean it sounds pretty simple, it is pretty easy. And just its concepts of like pulling and pushing with your head.

So let’s try it with the shirt. And instead of you guys looking at my bellybutton making weird comments, I am wearing a tank top underneath. Now if you do this move and you don’t want people looking at your bellybutton, you probably should do the same. So wear a shirt underneath.

What I’m doing is I’m just getting my shirt up to wear my elbows are popping out. And I can kind of almost make rectangle with my shirt. Now, if your hands are underneath, it’s probably going to be harder. You need some support to be moving left and right.

And so my head is kind of like just sitting on, as if it’s a water and I’m floating with my neck, right? So what I’m going to be able to do right here is I’m going to be able to keep the shirt. Now look at all this range that I can move left to right.

Now, if I’m going to start, if we’re going to do this together, just copy me right now. We’ll go center, and I’m going to start to lean a little bit to the left. And as I do that, I’m going to have my arms go all the way to the left. So then, I want to make the illusion that my neck is pretty much a little maybe long or can get elongated or even disconnected. So I’m going to have my neck go all the way to the bottom. So there’s two things happening. One, I’m just leaning and my neck’s going to stay straight and not turn. But really, what’s making it is my arm started here and now I’m bringing them to the left.

So you have this huge illusion that’s like if I turn, like let’s say this is one of the ways I turn, it’s like your neck’s falling all the way down. And that is all with the ability to shift your shoulders. So, we’ll just try a couple of different variations, and I’m sure when you’re playing around with this. I mean, it’s silly, it’s funny, you’re going to create some awesome stuff.

But right here, I’m just going to go turn, now be kind of tilting with my head. I’ll be able to do it right down. And I’m going to be really swinging deep, and I can go more. And in the same way, I can go up, twist, turn.

Here’s lots of different scenarios. You can even twist it for you. I can do tuts even. I can have my tuts go here, neck. Here back. So there’s lots of different variations here. And really, sky’s the limit.

Pretty dope, right? I hope you got it down. Matter of fact, if you did, hit me up @brambilabong on Instagram.