Street Dance Choreography Tutorial | How to Dance Popping

Learn how to street dance choreography

Hello! What’s going on Youtube? My name is El Tiro. And today is street dance tutorial Thursday where every Thursday we give a new cool street dance lesson to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re going to give you a super awesome little street dance combo choreography  using some popping concepts like tuts or tutting, and hits and waving. So make sure you loosen up ‘cause we’re about to get started. So the first step here is I’m going to slide my left foot, drag my right toe, have my arms out like this. So altogether goes out kinda like that a little bird here. And with my wrist, I’m gonna roll it all the way around and then back up and swing ‘em down again. So in motion, you have… So the next step from here is we’re going to put our arms up exactly opposite of each other. And right here I’ll swing my right arm pointing to my left, I’m gonna kick my leg and as my foot return to the ground we’ll be switching my left hand over, right foot steps, my left foot’s gonna step, and that’s when I’m gonna shoot my arm right straight in the air back up so you can see that. So once I get my hands right here, I’ll come up, and make a quick turn with my right and I’m gonna leg hung or swing my right foot. And as I step to my right, my left hand’s going over here and as I’m gonna take my left foot step my right hand shoots up. So from this step my left hand, I’ll twinkle that for you, is gonna swing down like that right across my face. And I’m gonna slide my hand down right there. From here, I’m going to bring my hand towards the chest and that's where I will incorporate a kind of a street dance body wave by pushing my chest which will sink in, I’ll get to my waist and then cover it facing directly forward. Now with your feet or your knees, we’re going to kick our heels out and back in. So from the lower body, I’m coming down here. I’m gonna bend my knees. And then I’m gonna shoot them out. And at that time, that’s when I’m gonna do a nice little kick out. The heels coming back, bending in and then waist, chest. So if we’re just practicing that street dance wave, it’s kinda like this. Wave goes to back and push and up. Really slow, hands are pushing out a wave, chest sinks in, I’m leaning forward and I’m gonna sink my butt back and then I’m gonna bend with my knees slightly. And then right as I stand up, that’s when my heels go out like that. Then we’re gonna come back in, and back to my bent position and then I go waist and I have chest. And then for our kind of combo move, my hand will actually stay here and right here with my chest, I’m gonna do my shoulders roll and then to my hands right here, I’m gonna do a nice little jazz fingers, cripple hands, whatever you wanna call it. So our full wave combo pointing out from right here is I push down with my hand, chest comes up, sink and my hands are gonna stay here, I will continue the body wave, heels, bend and shoulders roll and… and that’ll be the end of the combo. So let’s try again pretty slow from the top. So I’m going to slide forward hands sticking out and I wanna swing my hands all the way around, down. And then be coming up and then right when I come up my right hand’s twisting, I do a leg swing and my foot’s coming down and popping this leg over… pop! And I wanna shoot my right hand up as I put my left foot down. And I’m just gonna do a nice little arm twist, my right hand’s gonna be coming down. Now It’s gonna taken down from my head down across my face to my chest. My chest is nice and big sinking down, my butt goes back, I’m bent and then to do the wave at the bottom of my heels as I stand, heels go out then back to bent and then hip thrust forward, chest comes up, shoulders roll, fingers gravitate and hopefully, you were with my through all that. If you wanna try it with speed, let’s do it. Hope you enjoyed that quick little street dance choreography combo. If you want to learn more, you need to hop on to my website, I have tons of street dance tutorials on here. And even some hour-long street dance tutorials that you need to check out if you are serious about up in your game in popping. Other than that, make sure you subscribe ‘cause I do post a video every single Thursday in this channel. If you’re enjoying this street dance choreography tutorial, I’d love to hear a feedback. If you have a request for next tutorial, all you gotta do, you know the drill is put some comments on the Youtube section uploaded here. Hey, love you guys! This is El Tiro. Out!