Walk On Air Dance Move | Invisible Step Box Jump Tutorial

Learn an epic dance illusion of how to walk on air in this dance tutorial.

This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to Tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re learning such a cool dance illusion. I saw this on Vine and it blew my mind. Here’s my video dance tutorial covering this amazing dance move.

A lot of you dancers who sent me the walk on air dance video originally from Vine which gave me the incentive to teach you how to walk on air! It’s all about creating an awesome illusion and isolation with your feet. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

The best way to master the dance illusion of walking on air is to actually get a real box that you’re going to be stepping on to practice. So when you have your box there, it’s going to be isolated and give you the exact position your foot should be as if you’re stepping on air.

Want to Walk On Air? Get a Box.

So once you get your box, you place it right where your foot’s going to be. You want to try to make a right angle if you can with your leg. Use the box to push upbe aware of all the details that happen when you push including the muscles that contract. Focus on the exact position of your foot and leg as it's vital to making the illusion to walk on air without the box.

Keep in mind, notice what your foot does. The foot that’s on the box, it stays exactly still as you use it to jump forward or backwards. And then notice what your left leg does. The left leg picks up and goes down over. And then right where your foot is, that is staying exactly still. So really, when we isolate, we’re going to have to do the best job possible to keep our foot exactly where it is.

Now try to move over your box.  Now, what you should to try to do is just to step forward over the box and try to keep your foot in exactly the same spot on the box. Try to memorize where that spot is and continue to keep your foot there.

One other tip you can do is when your foot is off of it, and you push it down, make sure that your foot is actually flat too, so you don't have a bent toe. Keep it flat.

Walking On Air: Taking the 'Leap'

It’s about to get super hard as where about to go for the jump. So when you go on your jump, remember that your foot needs to stay almost exactly still as if the box is still there.

As if you’re going to push down on the box, you’re actually going to take a jump with your left foot.  Make sure your foot stays flat and you try to keep it at the same spot as your upper foot goes opposite, kind of like doing this. Let’s do it. Ready? Foot steps here, you take a jump and you’re forward. Try to go slow. Mine is not perfect, and the more you practice it, it’s going to come closer and closer to being as if there is a real box.

I think the biggest thing for me is that when I do this jump, I have a habit of kicking my foot down. And you want to try to keep it still the whole time.

This is a move you definitely want to practice with a mirror if you can, so you can watch your foot as you step to see if you are bending it or keeping it flat.  If you’re really struggling with form, then make sure you grab that box again and use it because this is going to be the exact thing you’re literally trying to copy back and forth.

I hope you guys got it down. Make sure when you do it, you don’t copy exactly from the original Vine video. Try in some way to make it your own in your hip-hop dancing. It’s all about being unique and showcasing individuality. Last thing you want to do is copy the straight move and "bite it".

Pop quiz: who is that? My artwork on the wall. If you can guess, I will follow you on YouTube and Instagram.

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