What is it like auditioning for America’s Got Talent

In 2011 my crew The Body Poets and I came out on America’s Got Talent and were proud to be one of the dance crew from America’s Got Talent that made it to the Las Vegas Round.  There were a ton of dance acts from solo, duets, little kids tapping, to huge 30 people crews.  Making it the Las Vegas round was a super awesome experience and I met some incredibly talented people I still keep in touch with.  In America’s Got Talent they make it seem as if the Las Vegas Rounds happen in a couple days but we actually stay in Las Vegas for a whole entire week!  My favorite part about the whole AGT experience was a hotel party we had towards the last days of the trip.  By then we had a range of talented friends and the hotel party was unlike any other.  We had magicians, singers, dh’s, dancers, acrobats and any talent you can think of there so naturally, we shared our talents.  It was so awesome!  You might have not remembered The Body Poets from the show because we only had a 60 second spot but you might remember a solo dancer named Snap Boogie.  We became good friends and decided to spend some down time on the streets of Las Vegas dancing, popping, and breaking!  I’ll leave our 60 second spot of our performance from America’s Got Talent which came out on the premier episode for the season.  If you are interested in auditioning for America’s Got Talent whether you dance or do something else and have questionscontact me and I will share any advice I can.