Advance How to Body Wave Isolation Choreography

How to Body Wave Dance Move Choreography

In this street dance video, you’re going to learn an epic wave combination. And that’s coming right up! Yo, what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to tutorial Thursday, where you’ll epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re learning a waving combination. And this is going to be sweet because it’s going to involve some isolation, your body, your feet, literally, everything. It’s going to be awesome. Let’s get started. Alright, check this out. To start this move, I’m going to start in a back position. I’m going to make my arm wave go this way. And then I’m going to isolate my arm as if this little channel right here is like a wave like that my body has to go through with this left arm. See that? So it’s like there is a point right here where the wave’s moving. And no matter where I go, as long as there’s this point, that’s where the wave is in my body, right? Now it’s not going to be spotted on but this is the kind of concept that con an isolated wave. As opposed to doing this, I’m moving at the center point or focal point of where my wave is. So, I got to here, and then I turn around this way. Now, when I get to right here, this is where I’m going to continuous move that whole wave and I’m going to take that in that focal point, and take that like I’m grabbing it and I’m going to make my body go up, chest is synced up in kind of a maintained angle. I’ll move down, chest in, my pop it goes forward like that, and my butt sinks and I’m going to kick out my right foot, and my right foot is not just doing that, it goes out in, my left foot out in, right foot back out, coming up, sink again with your center… chest, left arm here. Really slow, one more time. so I’m going… here’s my focal point… moving my body so the rest of my body hit that… the flow continues… I come up, I push down, chest, right, left, right… sink up, chest and finish. So in full, it looks like this… one more time… Now, you don’t have to kick out your feet. You can do your own little, you know, side things, lots of elements. But I just want you to use your feet. Most people, when they’re doing wave, they just stay like this, and they never move their feet. It’s really important that you incorporate your feet when you do your wave too, even your ankles and your toes can do little waves too. Thank you so much for watching the tutorial. I hope you got it down. I dare you to do it in your next dance video, and tag me. If it’s on Instagram, @brambilabong. YouTube, of course, you know where I’m at. Comment below so I know if you got any request for next tutorial. And next Friday or actually which is tomorrow, I have a new dance video coming out and I incorporate a lot in actually this style of moving and waving so you got to check it out to see how I do it, then you can do it and of course make it better. So thank you so much for watching. We’ll catch you next week. This is El Tiro. Peace!