How to Body Wave On the Ground Floor Tutorial

Learn The Body Wave On the Floor

In this video, you’re can learn how to do a body wave on the ground. That’s coming right up. What’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro and you’re tuned in to Tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn an epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today’s move is absolutely wicked. We’re going to be learning how to do a body wave while you’re laying down on the ground, almost like a reverse or upside down worm. Before we get started, a quick announcement. I’m hosting an Instagram Dance Contest for a $125 and a free Skype lesson with myself. To learn about it, you can click right here if you’re watching on a desktop or in the info box below. Otherwise, let’s get started. Oh well hello there, so you want to learn this move. Check it out. So I’m going to lay down, I’m going to break this pretty much into 5 sections, I think, 5 or 4. So when we’re down right here, we’re trying to do a body wave. Waving is all about timing and using the right section in the right order. So first part? Your head. So I’m going to stick my head up like this. And then before I go on to my chest, I’m actually going to put my neck down. Now right when I put my neck down, my chest is going to come up. Now my chest is up, I can actually put my hands underneath my back. That’s when you know it higher versus if it’s laying down, you can’t really do that. So my chest is up from this point. I’m going to use my heels, and I’m going to push up my waist with my heels. Now the only things that are touching the ground are my neck, my top of my back or shoulders, and then my heels. And I can actually put my hands underneath my butt. Then while laying on the ground, my knees are going to land bent. And then I’m going to follow with a kick, kick, land. So again, we break it down like this, we got head, down, chest, lift the butt with the heels, and bend when you land, and then knees kick out. So again, lay back up, we have, let me go a little faster this time. I’m going to go neck, down, chest, pick up, kick out. So if you do a whole flow, it looks like this. One little detail with my arms, I’m going to do a nice little flow when it goes down the center. So altogether… Now if you really feel like challenging yourself, and you’re getting this pretty easy, you can send the wave back up your body. So all we have to do is reverse the steps right when you get to your feet when you kick out. So I’m going to go from the top, up wave down, kick, and I’m going to bend and go backwards up. So there goes your Tutorial Thursday for today. I hope you learned it and got it down. My question for today is: Are you going to enter in my Instagram Dance Contest? If you did this tutorial and you can’t stop and you want some more, you got to hop in my website, I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorials for you to check out. They are super super wicked. Thank you very much for watching. This is El Tiro, peace!