How to Wave | Popping Arm Wave Tutorial | Learn Waving Dance

Learn Waving Dance Style in Popping

Popping Waving is a really cool illusion style of the popping dance. It's ability to make you look like you don't have any limbs or bones. They're not connected together. Waving is something really neat and fun. We're going to break down how to do our arms first. So to start our arm wave, I'll put both my arms straight out like this. And my arms are locked right now. And I'm going to bring them in just a little bit. When we start our arm wave, there's quite a few different parts just in your hand alone, which you want to hit. Popping dance waving is all about the details.

Learn Popping Dance Waving Technique

So starting with our fingertips, we'll go fingers, or digits. Then they'll point down to knuckles. And you can even emphasize this as a fist, as kind of how you want to look. And then I'm going to go to my wrist. Now, this is one part where you really have to pay attention. I'm going to slide this arm down. My wrist is creating a higher level than my elbow. So I would fingers, knuckles, wrist. Then my elbow went low, my wrist went high. When I'm going to switch to my elbow, or my wave's going to be at the elbow right here, I'm going to be turning my elbow up, and then my wrist down, flattening my hand like that. This is called a blade. As opposed to open, we're having blade hands just for this drill. And so now my elbow is sticking out. And my wrist is low. So we try again from the top. We've got digits, knuckles, wrist, elbow low. And all I'm doing-- all I'm doing is turning my elbow. And so right here I'll turn. My elbow will stick out. And then my arm and my wrist are below the level before it. So after we get this elbow-- I'll stick my other arm back out-- I'm going to pop my shoulder. And then I'm going to go to my right shoulder and pop that. Notice my left arm is straight again. Now I'm going to go to the elbow this time. So I've got to make sure it's popped out. And then I'll switch to my wrist, now to the higher level. And then I'll go to my knuckles, my digits, and fingertips. One more slow breakdown. We got the digits, the knuckles, and the wrist. We've got the elbow, this shoulder, this shoulder, the elbow, the wrist at eye level, knuckles, fingertips. So using that same base clap, we're going to break down our arms like this. And you can do it with me, and then you can practice on your own afterwards. So we'll go boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom, clap. Boom boom, clap. Boom, clap. So once you start to break down the steps, then you gotta go for it. You're going to try to do a whole wave throughout your body without stopping. All you gotta do is keep in mind the order of the body parts as you're moving them. Obviously, if I'm at my wrist here, I don't want to start this elbow-- this elbow? That's my shoulder-- this shoulder out, because I'll be missing my elbow in this shoulder. It's all about going sequential order. So try it really slowly. Left side. Come on, I'll do it with you guys. Ready, set, go. All about breaking down each body part in order. You can go as slow as you can to get it. Why don't you take a couple minutes. First practice with the song using the base clap to break down the sections. And then give it a shot. Go for it. Pause this video. I'll see you guys after. Thank you so much for watching this popping dance tutorial. That was a sneak peak of the 60 minute beginner premium popping dance tutorial that is now released on my brand new website, Make sure you check it out. If you are interested in taking your dance to the next level, I have a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even a learn how to dubstep dance tutorial. All of them are 60 minutes long. So check those out. Don't forget to subscribe. And we'll catch you guys next Thursday, where I'll show another sneak peak, and that time will be of the intermediate tutorial. El Tiro out. Welcome to My name is Adrian, aka El Tiro. And I am so stoked you want to take your dance to the next level. I've constructed these tutorials--