How to Do Chest Breathe Dance Move Popping Isolation

Popping Chest Breathing Dance Move

In this video, you can learn how to do an epic chest isolation. That’s coming right up. Hey, what’s going on YouTube? You’re tuned in to dance tutorial Thursday, where you’ll learn epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, chest isolations, they’re powerful, they’re dope, they’re strong. Let’s take a deep breath because we’re about to get started. So I was actually being serious when I said take a deep breath because that really is what starts the whole chest isolation. It’s taking a deep breath but more importantly letting your chest expand. So when you’re taking a deep breath, you’re really going to want to not arch with your back but push with your chest, have your chest come to a higher position. You’re going to arch with your back and you’re going to feel it. You shouldn’t tense these lower back muscles. You really want to take a deep breath, letting a natural expansion flow, like so… big chest. So when I have that out like that, I’m going to now use that as my chest isolation, push in and out. And I can now even use my shoulders to relax and also push out like that. So when you’re doing your popping and you’re getting down, and if you have that nice little momentum, just like in a song where it goes whoop, you can use that to kind of push up. Now it’s going to be a lot better if it’s unexpected, also, if you start from a position where you lean back. If you’re already out here and you’re doing a chest, it’s not as big. But if you’re in, you’re going to have a lot more dramatic effect. So there’s a lot of different, you know Step Up 3, where they’re like… right now, is really a chest isolation that they are doing then. Here’s one little concept I will throw you for doing chest isolation.  You can kind of take your arm like you have an imaginary kind of wave. And you’re going to push it in your chest. And then, when it’s in there, you can kind of grab it out like so. So we’re dancing… wave it in and grab it take it out. It’s a fun and cool concept. Make it your own. Make it better than what I showed you today and practice. I really hope you dig this tutorial. If you want to learn more, you got to hop on my website, I have a 60-minute premium tutorial for those of you that are serious. Or you can always subscribe and catch a new dance move or dance concept every single Thursday. If you’re struggling to find a music to dance to, then you got to hop on to my brand new music site,, sign up for a free sample and get down and get jiggy with it. I don’t know if you guys are on Instagram but if you are, hit me up @brambilabong. I have been doing some really cool kind of off-the-wall training lessons. I have people that are sending me clips of them dancing or working on a move and then on a private message, I actually respond with what  how I would do it to. So it’s pretty cool. If you’re not doing it with me, encourage it. That’s cool. That’s how dancers build community and get better. Thanks again for watching. Make sure you subscribe. El Tiro, catch you next week. Peace!