How to Hit Popping Basics

Learn How to 'POP' and Hit in Popping Dance Style

One of the very first tutorials I've ever made on YouTube was about the foundation of popping which is called Hitting. It's arguable the most important part of the dance and honestly becoming a lost art. I want to give you a warning that this video is getting old. It's still good content wise but it's starting to age.

Below this video I've included some more content and links for better resources on learning how to hit in the dance style of popping.

If you aren't hitting you aren't popping

In popping learning how to pop or hit is the ultimate foundation of the dance style of popping.  Hitting is that electrical moment you shock your body through techniques described in the video that defines the dance style of popping.  Many dancers know how to do many elements of the dance style of popping but surprisingly don't know how to pop or hit.  Which in my eyes alongside with other Poppers in the hip hop community the dance style that are actually doing is just freestyle, and are misinterpreting the definition of Popping.  

To make it simple, if you are not hitting then you are not popping! Learning how to pop will be the most important concept you learn for the dance style popping.  Unfortunately this knowledge of learning how to pop isn't widely demonstrated across YouTube.  

Most learn how to dance tutorials are about fancy moves and tricks instead of working on the fundamentals of hitting.  I can't stress how important it is to learn proper technique in how to pop before you continue learning any thing else if you are serious about learning popping and how to pop. I have had more than a few requests from a lot of you subscribers on how to hit or how to pop

The whole point of this popping tutorial is to simply teach you from my perspective on what I have learned about popping on how to hit and pop.  There is no right or wrong way.  

The hit or pop in popping is the fundamental of the dance style called popping

At the end of the day you can have the best tutting skills, best gliding and footwork skills, and craziest hip hop dance moves, but if you are not using proper popping technique like hitting  or doing dimestops then it is not considered Popping.

Beginner Popping Dance Lesson on Hitting

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