Learn 3 Amazing Robot Dance Moves Popping Tutorial

Learning How to Dance the Robot

Hey, what's going on, YouTube? This is El Tiro, and today we're going to learn three awesome robotic mechanical dance moves to add to your robot dance. For each one of these robot dance moves, I'm going to add a little cheesy name to it. You can make up your own or call it the same. It does not matter. The first robot dance move is going to be kind of like a switch. So you're going to put your hand across like this. You're going to have a fist closed. And I'm going to pretend like there's a button right here that right when I clench down, it makes part of my hand flip up. And then vice versa. I can close it the same way. So really small detail, but can add a lot of style. Let's say you're dancing the robot. You can come to a stop. Your fist is going to be in that hand. You can turn over. And then you can turn that on or you can turn it off.

Learn Robot Dance Moves That Are Amazing

So the second popping robot dance move I'm going to call a swindle type of mechanical move. So that's when my wrist I'm going to be like this, and I'm going to pretend like I'm holding maybe a screw or something that is levered here. And as I twist that, it's going to go back and forth like that. Pretty simple, right? So you're adding it to your robot dance. Go to your arm. You can maybe pop it up and then also twist back and forth. So again, another small detail, but these are all moves or concepts that you can add to your style. Really make it nice and sweet. So another type of swindle robot dance move you can do is with your feet. By bending low, my feet are together. I'm just going to do a nice half-twisting motion with my wrist. And as I do that, my feet are going to come up just a little bit each time. It's going to take a little bit of balance, but once you get it down, it's a really sharp-looking move. And you can also take the lever out, and as you pull, your foot can kind of swing back down. So again, you just do these nice little twists. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. You can pull out, and you can fall down. And the final third little robotic dance move I'm giving you today is a sliding one. So I'm going to put my wrist as far back as I can right here. And as I slide it towards by elbow, my fingers are going to roll out like that. So as I move them back, they'll close. So they move in tangent with each other. And this is a really cool effect when you're doing your robotics to add a lot of dynamics to it. When you're doing the robot and you're showcasing your style, these little types of moves can get even-- though they may seem like-- oh, that's simple; I can do that first try-- when you're in a battle or if you're showcasing or if you're dancing, it's almost those little moves that give that cherry on top. Like, wow, this is sick. That guy has style. He's intricate in his details. And that's what all of these kind of dance moves today in this dance lesson tutorial are going to help you grow in that area. Hope you enjoyed the dance tutorial. Would love to get your feedback. Make sure you comment below, especially if you have a request for next week. Always want to hear those. You can hit me up on my Facebook, or comment below. If you're serious about learning how to dance, make sure you check out my 60-minute premium dance tutorials for you guys to check out. They're actually in the works of developing two new 60-minute premium tutorials. One's going to focus solely on popping choreography. Another is just going to be on robotics like kind of the stuff we do today. So I'm really excited about that. When they're ready for the public, I'm going to make sure I post a video to let you guys know. But thank you guys for watching. Have a great rest of the week, and we'll catch you next Tutorial Thursday. Peace.