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Learn How to Dance The Robot

In this video, you’re going to learn 3 epic tips on how to dance the robot. That’s coming right up. What’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to robot dance tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Now today, we’re learning 3 concepts that you do with your hands to add really cool dynamic elements in learning how to robot dance. Let’s get started. So the first one’s going to be the hardest one I have actually used. It’s actually isolations. It’s with your hands, you’re going to do this at the same time. You’re going to swing and you’re going to push. And on that push motion, that’s when your hands are going to be really together and then move over. So it’s like you’re kind of miming as you isolate. And you’re using like one arm to kind of angle yourself. And you’re just kind of doing the pulling movement, right? So we start right here. Put both hands, make them straight. Put them all the way on the left side here. So I’m going to start all the way pointing to the left. I’m going to swing my wrist to the right as far as I can. And then when I push, now my wrist and my fingers are going to stay still, and my wrist and my arms are going to move like that. So again, hands move they isolated. And then my forearm moves and my hands are isolated. So I’m moving side to side just like that. And you can switch it up. So the robotic movements, we’re just going to focus kind of the upper body here. So I’m just going to use my dimestops. I’m going to go down. I’m going to go up. I’m going to twist to the right. I’m going to go down, I’m going to go up. So we’re going to do that with the hand movements. So if I go here, kind of move down, turn up, I can move them back. So really cool… I’m not giving you kind of directions to go by, so I want you to play around with it. But the isolation is something you can do on kind of all different directions as you move. And again, this is going to be a great move. If you practice from here, so you can get that kind of movement down. You can really push out, so for really far, kind of get that isolation thing. Cool! Concept number 2… so in this one, we’re just going to be doing a wrist snaps and rolls. They can be together or they can be one at a time. They can meet on opposite directions. So how you can use this in robotics is I’m going to go down, turn, and I’m going to do one wrist roll, turn, you can do another one. I can switch. So this is a really simple one that you don’t even think about. But we’re thinking about robotics in kind of different things to do. Your wrist roll, if you just isolate that one part, it looks cool. If you do, you know, combine them both. And again, I’m just kind of making this up as I go. But think of you’re doing the robotics, you’re doing dimestops, and you’re adding that one little twist. It could be right so it could be, so kind of different elements there for you. The third element I’m going to have for you guys is really so simple. You just open and close your palms. Don’t think this is stupid because check this out. It can be the coolest out of all of them. As you open and close, you do the robotics. It adds a really neat element to totally isolate your body. You can go both. So again, I’m doing my robotics, I’m doing dimestops using my lower back muscles. And then when I’m doing my pause, instead of just moving around like this, adding a nice element with my wrist to go… So those are really cool elements. You got the hard isolations, you got the movement with the closing and opening, and then you have your wrist rolls making a total package for everything you need to do with your hands to kill a robotics. If you thought this was dope, I would love for you to let me know. Comment below for your feedback, your suggestions for next tutorial Thursday. Also, if you’re really serious about learning how to be dope at popping, check out my website brambilabong.com. I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorials for you guys to check out. So thanks for watching, catch you next Thursday for the tutorial. This is El Tiro. Peace!