Learn 3 Finger Tutting Dance Moves

Learn 3 Finger Tutting Choreography Combos

(Transcript) In this finger tutting video, you can learn some epic finger tut dance moves you can do with your fingers. Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. You’re tuned in to Finger Tut Tutorial Thursday, where you’ll learn epic new dance move to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re learning three awesome finger, digit or hand moves otherwise called finger tutting. Let’s get started.

So the first one is actually a simple wave with your digits across your hands, looks like this… You can send a reverse. You can even do build up so you can go… whoop! Dancing with your fingers is really all about concentration and focus. So if you’re going to start like one hand at a time and really slowly, you can start with your pinky, and move to… whatever that finger is called and you move to your middle finger and then you go to your pointer and your thumb. So really slow, you kind of want to work that out. And then, what might help too is actually you go from closed to open with each finger and you try in that order, and then you close in that order too. So I’m opening and I’m closing. I’m just trying to get in order. So when you start to do that, you cannot get an open and close in the order just like that. Make sure you are ambidextrous, meaning you can do it in both fingers and hands. You should be able to do forward and backwards. So I’m going open (oops!), open and close. And I’m also doing a reverse. And if this is hard for you, I would go really slow. Now once you’re getting this, this seems pretty easy. Even right here, I mean if this is really easy too, you can even use this concept to like do moves. So don’t take it for what it is, use it to explore and create moves. So once you start to get that, then we can kind of get some hand motions together. Now I’m kind of waving and opening at the same time, or I can do a throw across just like that. it only looks cool if you do it in the right order versus… that’s lame. So… I can put my head in between. I can go… lots of different moves there. And then you break it down to your knuckles and you can go and do that wave nice and tight just like a caterpillar.

So the next one, we’re going to put our hands right in front of our face like this or you can go out like that. And I’m going to now do some pushing and waving to make it look kind of float like a jellyfish or something. So I’m going out, my pinkies, I’m pushing, I have a nice little float motion to go with it. So if I was going to do this in an actual move, maybe I would like wave together and I would start low and I would kind of go around and float this up in the air. And then my third move, I’m going to do kind of like magic pop up. Hands are going to be like this… and I’m going to go one, and I’m going to go (blow)… let me rewind that for you. Ok, it looks like this, hands right here, I’m going to go head nod, and I’m going to go, bam! See that? quick switch. Make sure, you’re paying close attention. So that quick switch has to be timed, and you can put that back in your pocket. So I’m going… huh! Here, pop! Switch back, end…

So those are three really fun and easy but super creative dance move you can do just using your hands and fingers. I dare you to use it in your freestyle, send to me on Instagram @brambilabong. And wait, don’t go. I just made a dance video right now doing some cool kind of style moves. Click on that box or check the info box below if you want to check that out. Otherwise, please please please leave a comment with the answer to this question: If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? Thanks again for watching the tutorial. This is El Tiro. Click right below if you want to check out my new dance video, or click all the way over there if you want to check out my website. I have some awesome 60-minute downloadable tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know to be dope and cool in the style of popping and animation. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week. Peace!