Poppin Hyun Joon Dance Move

Learn to Dance Epic Ground Move

Hey what’s going on Youtube? This is El Tiro. And today, your going to learn to dance an epic dance move on the ground. The first time I saw this move, I think it was from Poppin Hyun Joon years ago. I’ve seen other dancers incorporating their style as well. So the move is strictly simple and will be nice and easy to learn to dance it! You’re gonna be sitting down. We’re gonna have my right leg be in front bent, my left in back, not too wide and not too close. I’m kind of, they’re kind of even spaced right here. What I’m doing is I’m going to be moving my toes. I’m picking up my heels. And then my heels land and I pick up my toes. And really that’s about it. And I’m kinda doing this motion, I’m picking up, I’m exaggerating the movements so you can see, by picking up my toes and my knees at the same time. So if we’re just gonna get the footwork part done, I’m doing that, I’m doing that like literally super fast. If I put my hands, they go like a cholo. And as I’m doing that, I can keep my body up like let’s say right now I just put one kind of robotic pose, and my feet are gonna move. I’m doing it really slow. When you get your footwork pacing fast, you’re gonna pick up the speed. You have like a kind of a little motor that’s kind of turning you around. So I think what makes this dance move so awesome is that it’s so simple. And it’s like a foundation element and you can add literally anything you want to. I mean, when you’re down right here, I mean, waving, head isolations, ticking, tracing, literally you name it you can do it. So it’s kind of one of those building moves, that’s unique too. Sometimes if you wanna do that, not all dancers have seen something like that and I constantly see people dancing and they’re always standing, they’re always up top right here and they don’t have much creativity to work with when you’re on the ground. And when you’re dancing it’s nice to have a good balance of, you know, make sure that your dancing is awesome on top and awesome at the bottom too, on all different kind of levels. So that’s your pretty much sitting down, foundation level. A simple simple footwork but it’s super cool and you can add a lot to it. So that’s your tutorial Thursday for today. If you enjoyed this learn to dance tutorial or have any feedback, all you gotta do is comment below. And if you have a request for the next tutorial, make sure you drop them below so I can use ‘em. Also check my Facebook, I’ll leave a link right here. Check that out. I always comment back really fast on my Facebook as well. And I love talking to you guys on there. Just a reminder you guys, if there tutorials on Youtube aren’t enough, I have a 60-minute long how to dance tutorials. I break down everything you need to know on learning how to dance popping from beginner, intermediate, advance, even a dub step edition as well. You can check out my website, brambilabong.com. I’ll leave a link right here, check that out. Good to see you guys. We’ll catch you guys next learn to dance tutorial Thursday. Please drop your request. This is El Tiro. Out!