Learn Popping Dimestops | Popping Dance Moves for Beginners

Learn Street Dancing Dime Stops Popping Dance

Hey what’s going on Youtube? This is El Tiro and today is dance tutorial Thursday. We’re going to give you a new popping dance concept to add to your freestyle and choreography. And today is really cool because we are going to be working on dime stops and hits which is a core fundamental principle of the dime stop pop. So whether you have been dancing for a long time or you are just learning how to hit, this street dance tutorial is something that you can always fall back on because the fundamentals of popping are never something you truly master and you never practice again. Dimestops is something that I practice every single time I dance. And what I’m super super stoked about, I’ve never done this before, I have partnered up with Where the Culture At into creating a song strictly for practicing Dimestops. So I’m gonna give that info to you at the end of this video. So before that, let’s get started. So the first thing I want you to practice doing Dimestops is changing levels. Now this, all these types of motions can be very robotic and very, you know, simple, if you break them one by one. But the kind of change in levels that I want you to do is have your knees just a little bit out and you’ll be practicing simple going down and up.  Now remember dimestop, if you don’t know what that is it’s actually the time where you pause or freeze in a moment, typically, to snare, bass or any sound that you want to. It’s often the most concept that you use when you’re doing robotics. It’s just multiple dimestops together. So it’s about really concentrating and focusing on your muscles on your body. What we’re gonna do, again one at time, our feet like this and we’re just gonna go down and then a nice pause. It’s almost like a mini hit except not really, you’re not really trying to flex and hit. You’re really just trying to control your muscles and you pause. So I’ll go down, clip… up, clip. So it’s pretty simple. Right here, I’m also gonna try leaning to the left and right. And I’ll have my hands kinda switch like I’m running so I’ll go… and also notice my legs, I’m kinda shifting my knees so I got. We can combine this together. Now when I move down, I’m gonna move my arms up like this so I’m gonna go… move to the right… move to the left. Now when doing robotic, one often position is when you keep a straight flat back, your hands are to be kinda out, and I’m gonna actually lean down keeping my legs straight and that would be a dimestop pop. Now again, all these are really simple. But when you’re trying to learn how to street dance, dimestops is kind of the move that keeps everything relaxed, the cool, calmness of your dance. Now you don’t wanna be all crazy, crazy all the time, waving and trying to hit every single beat. The dimestop is really where you break down and you hit those kind of musicality beat. Like this song has, its gonna have all these types of intricacies, which you can hit when you’re doing your dimestop. So dancing to this dimestop song, you know, as the beat goes boom, clap, wew wew wew wew. So that’s probably really annoying to hear that. I won’t do that again. But if we’re gonna match that with our kind of dimestop practice, I’ll be facing this side here with my arms out. And on that big bass clap, I’ll switch my levels. And then my hands, I’m gonna have them go up in increments every time of that wew… wew wew wew wew boom clap. And I can just practice going down… wew wew wew wew boom clap. Use that template to kinda explore all types of different movements. So I can go… A couple of other examples of how you can practice dimestops to this song is having that mentality that you are a very mechanical robot. So I’m going to be taking my leg, I’m gonna be twisting my leg all the way out and all the way in and every single step I’m gonna be popping up so with that beat, if I’m kind of a robot like this… so now I’m kind of a squeezing my abs a little bit so I can have a nice core balance or else I’m gonna be all wobbly. When you’re doing dimestops especially, you have to be still, frozen in other parts of your body. So again, I can be like this, I can be as up tall then that bass clap goes boom… so that the whole point is I’m taking and isolating only my leg. I’m using that to the dimestop. So really the sky is the limit with dimestops. It’s all up in your creativity with the concept and then you can move. So this is literally perfect for practicing. Make sure you’re focused on every single beat and after listening to it a couple of times, try hitting every single beat with the movement and body part. If you have questions about dimestops, you know what to do. Just comment in the Youtube section below. And if you wanna check out this track, you get it for $1 and 50% of that is gonna go to my non-profit organization Dance Save Lives. To get it, all you gotta to do is to click right here. Make sure you like and comment the video. And if you have questions, you can also hit me up on Twitter. I’ll respond to that the fastest. So check out that track, practice your dimestops every single time you dance. It’s really a crucial fundamental. And we’ll catch you next Thursday for the tutorial. Alright, El Tiro, out!