Popping Dance Lessons On Dimestops | Popping Fundamentals

Learn Popping Dance Fundamentals: The Dime Stop

If you want to learn how to dance popping and be great at it, you have to master the fundamentals.  Popping is a danced based around the foundation of hits and dimestops.  In this online popping dance lesson video I teach you some popping dance techniques on how to practice and execute dimestops. Dimestops are defined as freezing or pausing motion sharply for a split second.  When you watch someone doing a robot dance it typically can be described as dancing only using dimestops.  Dimestops are a core fundamental of the dance style popping and is something you really should practice every single day. Dimestops will help develop sharpness, swiftness, cleanliness, and most importantly patience in your freestyle.  When I first started learning how to dance popping from online videos I always found myself rushing every dance move and getting way off beat.  Dancing on beat was extremely difficult for me in my freestyle and the reason was because I didn’t truly understand the concept and importance of having your Popping dance revolve around the technique of dimestops.